How to make money with Instagram?

How to make money with Instagram.

Companies are increasingly interested in so-called “micro-influencers” on Instagram or those users with a list of followers between 50K and 200K
One of the works that has been most successful in recent years and which affects millions of people, who would like to pursue the same career, is the influencer on Instagram. As the word itself says, these are professionals who, thanks to a very large following by many thousands of people, are able to influence the opinions, tastes and even purchases of their audience.

To understand what this business is worth (and how much it will be worth) just think that, according to an estimate by Mediatrix, Instagram can represent for users a $ 500 million industry. And by 2020 these figures will rise further, exceeding 5 billion and reaching 10 billion euros. These are huge numbers and opportunities. And companies are increasingly interested in this new form of social advertising.

It is not only the so-called VIPs that attract the big and small brands but also those that are defined as “Micro-influencer”, or those users of Instagram who have followers between 50 thousand and 200 thousand. Indeed, often these are more sought after by companies and even better paid.

Thanks to the power of persuasion they have on their audience, they have become an invaluable advertising tool for companies. Today, not only the big brands use the collaboration of the influencers, but also the smaller companies, who have realized that often this type of advertising proves to be a more profitable investment than traditional ones.

What you may be wondering is how you become an influencer and how you can make money through Instagram. Let’s see it point by point.

How to become an influencer and how to start making money on Instagram
Unlike what you often think, becoming an influencer is not easy and successful people have not only had luck.
Of course, it is possible that in some cases a single stroke of genius has brought a stranger to success, but it is just as likely to find a winning lottery ticket on the street.

Often, behind an influencer there are months, if not years, of work: one of the most effective methods to get many followers, like 100,000 followers, is constancy. Publishing several photos or videos a day without boring your audience and, on the contrary, interesting, is fundamental, but it can be a very tiring and in some cases burdensome job.

If, for example, you deal with fashion, you may have to buy a lot of items to present and review them. Of course, the time will come when you will be sent for free in exchange for a review and there will also be the day when your review will be paid, but it could be a long time.
So, put it into account: the more you want to become famous, the more you will have to work and, probably, invest.

Why do Instagram influencers trust?
In reality, it is an unconscious mechanism of our brain: one of the strongest levers of persuasion is social proof. That is, if I know that a person trusts an influencer, I will be much more inclined to trust me too. If an influencer has thousands of fans, then if so many people trust him or her, I will be tempted to believe that it is worth trusting.
It is a kind of virtuous circle: the more an influencer has a follower, the easier it is to buy new ones and that he is able to influence the opinions, tastes, and purchases of those who follow him and, therefore, manage to make money with Instagram in a “simple” way.

How much can you earn with Instagram?
It is not easy to answer this question because much depends on the number of an influencer’s followers and the type of activity they perform.
There are people who do this activity as a hobby and are content to receive free products to review.
Those who perform this activity on a professional level can ask for a fee based on the number of followers: who has at least 50K can ask between five hundred and fifteen hundred euros for a single photograph, while the best Instagram profiles come to claim fees up to nine ten thousand euros for a single click.

How many followers are needed to monetize with Instagram
The rule of “more follower more money” is not valid, because one of the fundamental aspects is that the followers are “active”. What does it mean? That they really interact with you, that put Like, that restores your photos, that tag you in the Stories, to give some examples. The number of followers, however, depends on several factors: first of all the product you want to sell (whether niche or not), how much you involve your followers and the type of monetization.

Earn money with Instagram: here’s how
There are several ways to make money on Instagram, here are the following:
– Sell products from your account at prices higher than sales
– Sharing posts for the Brands that target the followers who follow you
– By doing affiliation marketing and getting a percentage on products that are purchased by users who have used a discount code suggested by you
– Selling photos.

Remember, however, that it will not be easy and that to be successful you will have to be tenacious, enterprising and above all patient.


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