How to make money with Instagram (with a thousand or 100 thousand followers)

How to make money with Instagram (with a thousand or 100 thousand followers)

You will have heard about the Instagramers who earn thanks to the photos they take and share every day. And probably, observing the fair number of followers on your profile, you also wondered: how to make money with Instagram?

The Instagrammers – like bloggers, YouTubers and anyone who has accumulated a large following thanks to their content – know how to reach a wide audience and influence it, two things that many companies have difficulty with.

These skills allow you to earn, potentially building an empire, or more simply by getting extra income and free products.

But let’s see more in detail how to make money with Instagram.

How many followers do you need to earn?

If you are now wondering how many followers are needed to start making money with Instagram, the synthetic answer is “not as many as you imagine”.

The most detailed answer is that the number of followers needed depends on some factors:

The product sector and ease of association with a certain category of products (based on the most common hashtags, fashion, food, beauty, and fitness are popular niches).
Level of involvement of followers (100 thousand false followers do not produce a large profit).
Selected income channels.
Of course, the more active followers you have, the better (in this regard, check out our guide on how to increase followers on Instagram).

The most popular Instagrammers charge thousands of Euros for each post shared on Instagram. But even those who have a rather small following – even just 1000 followers – as long as they are active, have the potential to start making money.

How to make money with Instagram: 4 options that are not alternative to each other
Of course, the possibilities of earning vary depending on the uniqueness of your content, your following, and dedicated commitment. But here’s how to make money with Instagram:

Sharing sponsored posts, for brands that want to reach your audience.
By participating in affiliate programs and obtaining a percentage of sales of other companies’ products.

Selling your photos.

The beauty is that choosing one of these methods does not preclude the possibility of using others too.

So, let’s start immediately to see the most common method for monetizing Instagram: collaborate with companies as an influencer.

1. How to make money with Instagram: work with companies through sponsored posts
In these times, the word “influencer” is used very often.

Essentially, the influencer is the one who built a reputation by creating and sharing extraordinary online content. The public sees influencers as trendsetters, style models and trusted experts. And respect the opinions expressed on certain topics.

Many companies are unable to win public trust in the same way. Instead, they prefer to collaborate with influencers through sponsored posts, aimed at making their products known.

But brands are not only interested in the size of the following and the reach (potential audience extension) of your account. Rather, they evaluate the level of trust and engagement of your audience.

If you accept to sponsor products, sometimes it will be difficult for you to find a balance between profit and integrity. However, as long as you have other forms of income at your disposal, you will remain free to be selective towards the brands with which you work, just as the brands are selective towards the Instagramers they work with.


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