How to work online using a PC and an Internet connection.

You have just finished your course of study and now your greatest aspiration is, as it should be, to find a job that will allow you to put into practice the “theory” you have learned on the school or university desks. Your dream, however, is not to find the “classic” job as an office clerk, but to be able to undertake a work that can be done from home, using a PC and an Internet connection.

If this is your dream, know that you can manage to achieve it and, in this guide on how to work online, I will show it to you. The Web, in fact, offers many opportunities to work from home and in the next few lines, I will talk about some of them, such as the ability to work through a blog or a website, e-commerce, offering as a freelance professional, working as a programmer or even as a remote employee.

So, are you ready to start? Yup? Fantastic! Before starting, however, I would like to warn you about pseudo “job” offers that promise quick and easy returns. Remember that working online is still a job: to bring home a salary, therefore, you will have to commit and dedicate time to your profession, as it should be! Having said that, I would say that we can really start! Evaluate the various job opportunities that you can do online among those listed below, try to try your hand at the one that seems best suited to you and your skills and you will see that with a makeshift lace you will be able to realize your dream. I wish you good reading and I’ll make big good luck for you!

Work online with a blog or website
Work online with an e-commerce
Work online as a freelance professional
Work online as a programmer
Work online as YouTuber
Work online as a remote employee

Work online with a blog or website

One of the first “ways” that you can consider going to work online is to open a blog or a website. In order to transform a Web space into an opportunity to make money, then in a full-fledged job, it’s It is necessary to have the right business idea, to select a market where there are no established companies and, most importantly, to be willing to spend a lot of time looking after the contents that will be published online.

Of course, opening a web space the earnings will not be generated automatically by simply following the precautions I spoke to you earlier: to monetize a blog or a Web site, in fact, you must have a lot of patience and consistency since the first fruits of your work they are usually collected after the first year of work.

But how exactly does a blog or a website generate revenue? This is a question that I am often asked since I also work through the blog that bears my surname ( precisely!). If we want to make it simple, a relevant component of the gains of a Web space comes from advertising revenues coming from the addition of banners after subscribing to services such as Google Adsense. As you can well imagine, however, to earn with advertising you need to generate high traffic as the revenues will be commensurate with the number of unique visitors who will travel to your blog/website.

Another source of income is membership of affiliate programs, such as Amazon (which I talked about in depth in another tutorial). In this case, the gains are the sales generated through the insertion of sponsored links within the content published on your web space. If you talk about your recipes on your blog, for example, you could link a planetary or an electric oven that can be purchased on Amazon and, if readers purchase it via your link, you will receive a fee from the e-commerce site (as long as the product is purchased within 24 hours without going through other websites).

A third income component could derive from the so-called special projects – consultancy, interviews, invitations to events in the sector which are part of the issues dealt with on your Web space, advertising campaigns and, more generally, “transversal” activities to those of your site – which are usually proposed to those who have achieved a considerable degree of fame on the Web and has established itself as an expert in its field.

Would you like more information on how to make money with a website? In this case I suggest you to read not only the tutorial that I have just linked, but also to consider the possibility of buying “The Aranzulla Method” (published by Mondadori Electa): a book is written in my hand in which I describe my history of digital entrepreneur and I also unveil some “tricks of the trade” that can help those, like you, who want to try to create an online business


Work online with an e-commerce


Opening e-commerce is another opportunity that you can consider if you want to work online. There are many services through which you can create an online store: you can rely, for example, on Blomming, OneMinuteSite or similar services for the creation of an online store; a Web space appears and personalizes it using a CMS such as WordPress, Prestashop or Joomla or, again, exploiting the popularity of established platforms, such as Amazon and eBay, to open your personal “window” through them.

If the topic interests you and you want to deepen it further, I suggest you read the guide in which I explain in detail how to open e-commerce through the solutions that I mentioned earlier.

Work online as a freelance professional

Do you have skills in writing optimized texts for the Web on specific issues? Are you fluent in foreign languages ​​and are you able to translate? Are you a graphic designer looking for new projects to try your hand at? In all these cases, you can think of working online as a freelance professional. To search for job offers suitable for you and/or to offer you directly to companies, you can use specific sites to search for jobs (eg Monster, Indeed,, etc.) or ad sites (eg Kijiji,, etc.).

When evaluating a job offer as a freelancer, however, I suggest you always check that you have the specific skills indicated in the announcement. If, for example, you evaluate the proposal of a job as a ghostwriter specialized in writing computer texts, send your application only if you are master of the subject.

I also advise you to pay close attention to your Web reputation by not posting on social networks photos that could put you in a bad light and discourage your potential customers from contacting you and taking care of your LinkedIn profile, as customers may contact you on this platform to propose projects and various collaborations.

Work online as a programmer
Insights on how to create a program

Do you have skills in developing programs and applications? In this case, you can work online as a programmer. In Europe (and especially in Italy), there is a great demand for these professionals (considering that the demand exceeds the offer by far), which makes this work even more interesting: if you have specific skills in using various languages programming (eg C, Java, etc.) and if you have a portfolio already rich in projects that you have completed, it is likely that you can easily counter competition and aim for quite high compensation.

If, on the other hand, you do not have any programming skills but would like to try to work in this area, you can consult the guides where I explain how to program and how to create an app to get a smattering on how to become a programmer.

Work online as YouTuber

Do you like making videos and you do not have any hindrance in standing in front of a lens? In that case, you can try to work online as YouTuber. To do so you must first open a YouTube channel (if you have not already done so, read the guide in which I explain how to proceed) and try to make money through the YouTube Partner Program which can join channels with at least 1,000 members and 4,000 hours of total views in the last year or, again, through affiliate networks.

Since earnings on YouTube mainly come from advertising (as in the case of blogs and website) it is necessary to generate a high number of views to achieve significant gains, which requires a lot of time and effort. If you are serious about starting the career of YouTuber, you will certainly find useful insights into which I explain in more detail how to become a YouTuber, how to make many subscribers on YouTube and how to earn on YouTube.

Work online as a remote employee

You already work for a company, but do not you have any intention of firing you to work from home? And who said you have to do it ?! If you want, you can try to ask your employer to grant you the possibility to work remotely (at least a few days a week and always if this possibility is compatible with your profession).

To try to “convince” you could perhaps explain some advantages that the company itself could have giving you the opportunity to work in telecommuting: it has been proven, in fact, that employees who are offered the opportunity to work from home are usually more productive those who work in the office as they avoid the stress resulting from the movements, can enjoy the cozy environment of their own during working hours and manage their commitments in a flexible way. Of course, it will then be up to your boss to decide whether to give you the chance to work from home or not but, as they say in these cases, tempt no harm!

If you are a freelancer, however, everything is much easier since you are the “boss” of yourself: depending on your needs, you can, in fact, decide to work from home on some days of the week or in a stable way (saving, so , the rent of your office).


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