Increase Instagram followers with simple techniques:

Increase Instagram followers with simple techniques: fine-tune them and discover the immense potential of the most used social media of the moment!

Have you decided to create your profile and share posts and videos on Instagram? I bet you were amazed at the beginning by unknown people who put a like or left a comment .. but suddenly the number of your followers and interactions has stalled, and despite the efforts nothing moves. How to increase Instagram followers?

Not even the photo of your little dog works anymore?
The problem is certainly not your dog, obviously you are not practicing the essential techniques to succeed on Instagram, those that use all the most famous characters and that, above all, are free and you can put into practice immediately!

I’ll tell you right away, do not expect immediate results. Of course you will not be able to get straight to the level of Kim Kardashian or The Rock, but even the stars use tricks to increase the followers of Instagram and not lose them!

Let’s start right away, it will amaze you to know how simple it is to break into the world of Instagram!

Let’s start with the essential element to start with: the profile.

Create a profile based on the followers you want to get
You had not thought about it, did you?

To break on Instagram you can not aim at the crowd, before starting you must have in mind the target you want to attract! So think about what kind of profile you want to create: is a profile designed to promote your person? Or is it a brand?

Once you have determined this, you are ready to structure your profile based on your target. Only then can you create engagement, which is the key to Instagram.

Engagement, keep it in mind because I will repeat it often!

In creating your profile you will need to take particular care of the description: do not be trivial! If it is a profile where you post pictures of yourself and your life, then write a personal description that talks about you and allows you to know and create empathy.

Insert perhaps bulleted lists instead of a block of text: they are more agile to read and do not get tired. If you have a website or a Facebook page, you must absolutely enter them!

What is missing?

The profile photo! Use an original that talks about yourself, the first impact is essential.

Now that the profile is ready, we can move on to another fundamental element to increase the followers of Instagram: the contents!

Create original and personal posts.

The images, like the profile, must be modeled on the basis of the target you have identified: if you want to make yourself and your life known – and your dog – then create personal posts that talk about you.

A fundamental rule is not to copy: do not take photos from other profiles – even if they have a thousand billion followers and likes – and do not download them from the internet.

Instagram has more than 800 million users, why should they follow you if you post photos that have already seen or tell nothing about you and nothing interesting?

Consider that the contents that affect the life style have more impact than the landscapes, so it’s okay the photo of the beach in the morning, the beach at sunset, the beach at night etc, but users are more attracted to YOU!

Posting pictures that talk about you create empathy and help increase your followers, more than the beach!

Be original and you will see that engagement will increase.

But be careful, even the form is as important as the content: create attractive postings!

Now I will tell you what generates the most like:

The brighter images are more appreciated and attract more likes
Photos that have blue as a dominant color have a greater impact
Post with a single dominant color, compared to images with more colors, generate more engagement
So, the photo of the sea is fine, but in moderation.

The videos are one of the latest Instagram news along with stories. Even more than photos, videos create more involvement and convey your message in a more direct and personal way.

Also for this type of content – and the language in which to deliver it – you must have well defined your target. If you do not know if the videos are right for you, then experiment! Post a video every now and then, alternating it with classic postings, and analyze the views and the engagement it generates. Only in this way will you be able to understand if they are an instrument suited to your goal.

And if they work, you can even switch to direct!

Another trick that many ignore: the location.

One thing that many forget to do, or that do not consider particularly important, is to enter the location in the post. Localization is important because, as I will tell you again to the nausea, it reveals a part of you “personal”, or where you are. But another important aspect is that your post can appear by searching by location, or, the users who are in that there

uogo will be able to see you and thus attract a target outside the home.

Not bad right?

Now let’s move on to another fundamental element of our posts: the description.

You have taken a perfect picture, with perfect colors and perfect framing: and now that I write? We put the hashtag #happy, a little heart and away?Absolutely not!

As far as you can think otherwise, the description is important and your target will read it and give it importance if you write it properly! As for the contents, do not be trivial, write what might interest your target without being too wordy or too concise.

Consider that in the description you can enter up to 220 words (a little ‘in fact in fact) but shows only the first 3 lines: in these 3 lines you will need to be interesting and go straight to the point.

Maybe now you’re wondering, do I write in Italian or is it better in English than it does immediately international?

It depends!

If your target is Italian, you will write in Italian, otherwise in English. Always keep your target in mind because this will allow you to increase Instagram followers.

A tip: writing the description from the phone could become unnerving and complicated (just think that you can not go to the top!), For this I write the text on the PC and then copy it. You can do this by synchronizing the notes of the Mac / iPhone or simply by sending the text to Whatsapp.

Now that your post is almost ready for publication, do not fall on the hashtags!

Increase Instagram followers: How to use hashtags

As for everything else – I repeat it even at the cost of being petulant – even for the choice of hashtags you must always think about your target. So do not use trivial and discounted hashtags, they will not help you increase Instagram followers!

In fact, even if the hashtag #happy may seem like a good choice because it is comfortable with everything and is used in many posts, it does not really say anything about you and most likely will not be the one that suits your target.

Using hashtags that have little relevance, risks only attracting the wrong people who will soon abandon you and create no engagement.

I suggest you to find a list of hashtags in line with your target and with what you want to communicate; put them aside and use them often.

If you find too many, use at least 5 because less may not be enough to reach your target.

Even for hashtags there is a rule, attention if you want to increase the followers of Instagram with so many Cancelletti!

Try to use small, medium and large hashtags in the same number. What do I mean? The small hashtags are those with a few linked posts, while the big hashtags have a strong following. Try to find a balance between the three dimensions in order to reach a wide audience.

To find out if a hashtag is small or large, enter the word in the search bar of Instagram and in the “Tag” you can see the number of posts linked.

Although the tags are useful, inserting them in the description is not very nice aesthetically, so I suggest you put them in the first comment of the post. Do not worry, you just need to increase your followers, it’s not important that they do not see each other!

I almost forgot..

Do not use whole sentences in the hashtags of the series #quantoamoilmiolavoro, because it is unlikely that your target does a search of this kind, do not you think?

When to publish posts: let’s debunk a myth.
You’ll probably have already heard about myths and legends on the best posting time. There are those who say to publish the morning, those during lunch break or those in the evening when you enjoy the deserved relaxation and browse on Instagram. Do you know what is the best time?

It depends!

It depends on your target and the followers you already have. I advise you to check in which time slot you receive more feedback (like and comments) but, in any case, do not fossilize on that time slot.

As you know, your profile must be fed every day, even with more than one post per day (without exaggerating, I recommend!), So do not always publish at the same time but subdivide posts throughout the day.

You got it right, you do not get along with a post every now and then!

On the other hand, how can you expect to increase Instagram followers if you’re never on Instagram?

To create engagement you must be present and constant, think about how many posts are published on the mega profiles you follow: every day there are new contents!

Do not get caught up in anxiety, you’ll see that you’ll take your hand, especially thanks to the techniques you’re reading.

We said, I suggest you to program the contents so as not to be caught unprepared. Create at least one post per day but no more than 3. To create engagement and increase Instagram followers, we can also help the famous stories and direct stories.

Do not be shy, stories have a huge potenitial because they have an incredible empathic aspect: they create a link between you and those who look at them, showing your personal side that maybe a photo does not express.

In addition to the personal and emotional aspect, constancy is a factor appreciated and taken into consideration by the algorithm of Instagram and that could bring your content in the much coveted “Explore” section.

What is the Explore section ?!
This is the symbolic with the magnifying glass at the bottom left that will open a world on all profiles with a high rate of engagement and that are seen favorably by Instagram.

Entering the Explore section means bingo because it allows you to increase your profile’s visibility by 400% and thus increase your Instagram followers!

The “Explore” section, among other things, is not a magical place only for profiles that already have many followers: it does not depend on the number of followers or the average number of likes on each post, but on the engagement that the post creates in the few minutes from its publication.

If you are following the techniques I have shown you so far, you will see that your moment of glory in the “Explore” section will soon be arriving!

Spy on the competition
Put pride aside and watch what your competitors do, ie profiles that have your own target. Do a search based on your hashtags of expertise and imitate what they do, there’s nothing wrong!

In addition to taking a cue on the type of content to be published, you can do something else very important, that is, follow the users who follow the competition. They will see that they have a new follower and will probably repay since the interests are in common.

Observing what others are doing is not cheating, but challenging and continually improving.

Do not be shy, interact!
As I have already explained to you, Instagram rewards very active profiles. Being active does not just mean posting two or three times a day and making stories, but it means interacting!

You must be active without focusing too much on your profile alone. What does it mean? Put likes to those who follow you and potential followers, comment on the posts of others, follow who follows you, write messages to other interesting profiles to ask for collaborations and so on and so forth!

Also try to create interaction: when you publish a post, enter in the caption – or description – a call to action, which is a call to action for your followers. Invite them to comment to write what they think or to talk about their experience or, even better, invite them to tag a friend in the comments.

This action creates a lot of engagement and, together with the interaction with the other profiles, is crucial for increasing Instagram followers.

Better like or comments?

It’s true that the likes are more immediate, you double tap or click on the heart and you take away the thought. However, the comments have a strong impact, they are more personal than the likes and those who receive them are very tempted to respond and then view the profile of those who left it and maybe follow it.

Has it never happened to you to receive a comment and to appreciate it more than a like? Maybe then you also went to peek at the profile to see the person behind the comment.

But comments have a simple rule to follow: never be trivial. Forget the usual comments like “Bella foto”, “Nice pic” or the simple emoticon: they have no meaning and do not lead to interaction.

To increase Instagram followers you need to be genuine: leave interesting comments that can actually lead to an interaction.

In turn, remember to always respond to the comments you receive (even the trivial ones, it may seem a waste of time but it is important in the eyes of other users).


Tag #firstpost
Maybe you have already heard or seen this tag: generally new Intagram users insert it in their first published post, to let the world know that they have become part of the social network.

Do not let them escape, they will certainly be looking for profiles to follow and will not disdain a little ‘attention: start to follow them and maybe comment on the first post, they will probably reciprocate!

Surely, to increase the followers of Instagram, it makes more sense to pay attention to these profiles or profiles of your target. For this reason I advise you not to waste time commenting on profiles that already have millions of followers, it is unlikely that you will be returned, do not you think?

Do not abandon Facebook, take advantage of it!
Now that you have landed in the world of Instagram and you have discovered how beautiful and engaging, maybe you thought to leave Facebook or Facebook ads and not post more here your photos … Wrong!

Consider that 20% of Instagram users are also on Facebook: publish your posts here too so as to increase their visibility and allow Facebook users to find you also on Instagram and follow you!

But remember one thing: set yours profile as public (and not private) so everyone can see your content.

Now let’s move on to things NOT to do
If you want to increase the followers of Instagram, in addition to the techniques we have seen so far, you have to pay close attention to things NOT to do.

Keep reading, I bet you’ve already done some of these things, or were planning to do it to increase Instagram followers more quickly.

Do not buy followers
Despite the different services for the purchase of followers and all the beautiful promises they make about the results you can get, remember not to buy the followers NEVER.


Fake followers do not interact, they number but then, in practice, they do not like and do not comment on your content. This is not frowned upon and, as I explained before, the absence of engagement with your posts will never allow you to arrive in the “Explore” section and then increase your chances of exporting to the people of Instagram.

Follow / Unfollow technique
What would?

This is the tactic – unorthodox and not much appreciated by Instagram – to follow different profiles and remove the “follow” if they do not interact (they do not follow you or do not like or comment on your photos).

Although it may seem like a useful technique in appearance, as we tend to reciprocate the follow or leave some “thank you” like, Instagram could penalize you if the follow and unfollow activity is too intense.

I suggest you use this tactic but do not abuse it, do not exceed 100 profiles per day or you may lose your chances of increasing Instagram followers!


Use bots: joys and pains
If you have thought or are thinking of using bots to optimize your life on Instagram, my advice is to be very careful and use it only if you know what we are talking about.

First of all, bots are software set up to do things for you. Cute, right?

But even in this case the pains come, ie Instagram penalizes them if they are too much robot and therefore if you notice that behind the actions of your profile that a car and not a person.

To avoid the risk of being penalized, look first of all possible information on this topic and make “follow” from mobile to prove that you are a person in flesh and blood.

Well, I would say that you have all the basics to start launching your profile on Instagram and increase your followers.

As I told you at the beginning, remember that it takes time and tenacity. already from tomorrow you will not be at the level of Chiara Ferragni but follow my advice, always keeping in mind your target and the concept of engagement (I bet you got nauseous by reading it, but it’s important!) and you’ll see that soon you will get results!


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