Instagram, how to post the same picture on multiple accounts

Instagram, how to post the same picture on multiple accounts.

Currently available only on iOS, the new feature facilitates the work of those managing multiple profiles
11 January 2019 – It is the social network that excels in the 13-17 age group, has the penetration rate and the highest level of engagement and is proposed as the most used and convincing platform to tell: the rise of Instagram continues and it is no coincidence that many users choose to own more than one account.

Someone has a public account, in which he shares a bit of everything; a more “edited” account and with “studied” posts, hoping to become influencers and earn with the Shopping feature, and private accounts only for some Instagram-style friends. In short, accounts a bit ‘for all tastes and can be managed together thanks to the tools made available by the social platform. And, to further facilitate the task for those who are managing multiple accounts at the same time, Instagram has introduced the possibility of publishing the same photo at the same time on one or more profiles of which one is managing.

How the publication of the same post works on multiple profiles
Sharing the same photo on multiple profiles at the same time will not require much effort. First of all, it is necessary to manage at least two profiles (the maximum is five) with the same app: respecting this “prerequisite”, every time we want to publish an image on Instagram we will be asked on which account to publish it. To choose, just turn on or off the “switches” that will allow you to dispose of the practice with ease and speed.

Rather than “program” (the relaunch of a post by another user on his own wall), it is an “auto regram” that will come in handy for influencers, creative people and social media managers: already facilitated by the ability to quickly switch from management one profile to another one in a few taps, the new feature will allow you to convey their work quickly, contemporary and targeted to the profiles stored in the app.

The limits of the regram car
Although the novelty makes it easier to manage multiple profiles, avoiding users to republish from the beginning or to use third-party applications to relaunch the same content, the possibility of relaunching another user’s post on their bulletin board is still off limits. The reason? Dodge the risk of luring the active protagonists of the social, pushing them to produce new content rather than to replicate those of others.

As confirmed by Adam Mosseri, Mark Zuckerberg’s right-hand man, the regram car is only available for iOS users. No answer about the arrival on Android: in the meantime, the suggestion is to use the novelty with care, keeping in mind that the style of each profile is unique and the audience is diversified.


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