All you need to know to make money with Instagram.

All you need to know to make money with Instagram.

start making money with instagram
There are so many possibilities to make money with Instagram. Become an influencer, start making money with Instagram photos and sponsorships!
The Instagram market is constantly expanding and every day it makes thousands of euros gain to influencers and even to non-famous people. If you want to start making money with Instagram, you just have to follow the simple tips we are about to give you and with a little ‘time and patience you will get incredible results. We do not want to deceive you though: you have to know that to start making money with Instagram you have to have at least 5-10 thousand followers. Below this threshold, you are considered unattractive for companies that will then finance you.

The possibilities to earn with an Instagram page are many: it is possible to become promoter and sponsor of fashion brands or other products. If you are wondering how it is possible to make money with social networks, continue reading this article because soon we will reveal how to make money with Instagram photos.

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If the threshold of 5-10 thousand followers frightens you because you do not have these numbers do not despair, we are here for this and we will give you some tips to increase your following so keep reading to find out how to make money with Instagram. If you have them already, keep reading the same, because having more followers can only help you increase your earnings with Instagram!


If you publish a lot of photos about a single topic on your accounts, such as cooking, football, PlayStation or travel, you’re already at a good point, because you’ve already identified a target audience. This will help you a lot both to monetize and to increase your followers on Instagram.

First of all, if you have not already done so, merge your Instagram account with that Facebook. Find the option in the settings, the procedure takes a few minutes and in a couple of clicks, everything you publish on Instagram will also be published on Facebook. So you will have suddenly increased your audience.

An essential point to be appreciated and to increase one’s following is to be active. Publishing quality photos every day and interacting with your community with comments is very important. Be recognized, both for the quality of the photos and for the quality of your interventions. Do not forget the hashtags (#) used to describe your photo. They must be relevant, but it is always good to keep in mind also what are the most used hashtags at the moment (there are sites that tell you in real time). So if your content can also include one of the most popular hashtags this can make you “wake”: a bit like the bike racer who follows the front one to take advantage of his speed and go faster with less effort! The same side effect can be given by famous people. If you know one, ask for collaboration. If you do not know him, but follow him, use his page to interact with his community, perhaps opening interesting discussions. People will notice you and will start to follow you too.

As you understand this path takes time and patience, but do not be discouraged if you do not start making money with Instagram right away. Now you are investing, you will soon redeem your investment money from Instagram!


Once you have passed the infamous 5 thousand follower threshold you can start making money with Instagram through sponsorships. But do not forget to continue to take care of your community and try to increase your audience, for two simple reasons. One, because if you publish only sponsored photos you will become a “markettaro” and nobody will want to follow you anymore. Two, because the more your followers grow, the more you will be attractive to companies.

Remembering this simple concept, let’s go back to the sponsorships with which to make money with Instagram. What happens if no company contacts you directly? It could happen, but do not despair: contact the company. If you know that a product could be interesting for your followers, contact the company and offer to sponsor their goods, in exchange you can ask for money or their products if you prefer. Post the photo with the brand of the product and add it to the hashtags and it’s done: you’re finally making money with Instagram!

Earn money with Instagram through advertising platforms
If you do not want to contact a company directly, but you still want to make money with Instagram, there are online advertising platforms made just for you. Many of these platforms also analyze your followers and your photos. This way they will help you choose which company it will be


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