Where to watch streaming movies for free without limitations.

Where to watch streaming movies for free without limitations.

Tired of ending up on sites full of advertising and unsafe for your PC when you want to watch a movie in streaming? Here is a list of safe sites to watch movies without limits.
Browsing the web you will surely come across websites that promised the free viewing of movies in streaming, or better yet, their download. Going forward, however, you realized that it was just a way to get you to view advertising, or to let you download programs where you could hide everything (especially viruses).

For this reason, we decided to write this post: because there are secure sites, where in exchange for a simple registration, you can enjoy movies in streaming without limits. These platforms do not violate any law or copyright, they are free and, by using the service, you are not committing any crime. Some of these platforms exist only online, others are the web version of TV stations.

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Online streaming services
TV portals for streaming movies


There are several services on the web that, in exchange for a recording, allow you to watch movies in streaming for free. Some of these also have a premium paid version, but access with the basic account still allows you to watch movies, in exchange perhaps to comply with some rules or see you some commercials before viewing.

Some portals are specialized in certain genres, others have a more varied catalog with films also recently released.

MyMovies Live
mymovieslive screen

My movies

MyMovies Live works as a movie theater in your living room. By activating a free profile, you can choose which movie to watch in streaming. These are mostly fairly recent films that are also quite successful. Many titles are in Italian, but in some cases, there is the possibility to watch streaming films in the original language with subtitles.

Working as a movie theater, projections are scheduled at certain times and places are limited. So, once logged in, you need to “reserve” a place for the projection and once the start time arrives, get comfortable and enjoy the film. There is also a paid version that allows you to watch movies in streaming at any time, without having to wait for the times indicated and the limitations on places.

Like any movie theater, MyMovies Live also changes programming often and every film, in general, is present on the billboard for a certain period of time.


VIVID is another portal that, with a simple registration, allows you to watch movies in streaming for free and without limits. VIVID specializes in anime, or Japanese cartoons, so much so that it also offers a simulcasting (ie the simultaneous projection) with Japan for some animation series.

But this portal also offers much more. For example, you can stream some popular TV series and even several movies. In particular, you will be able to find auteur films, horror and science fiction films on VIVID.

Even the major television stations offer a free streaming service, in exchange for simple registration. So you can review for free all the TV series that have aired, but also many movies, from the comfort of your sofa and when you want.

Raiplay movies on demand for free


The portal of the public radio and television service is a veritable mine of TV series and films. To access this content in streaming you must register for free at the site. Once you have logged in, however, you will have at your disposal a very rich library of films.

In the movie section, you will find the titles divided by genres and for all tastes. You can watch science fiction movies, romantic, comedians, horror movies, westerns, comedies, etc. RaiPlay also has a section to watch streaming movies in the original language.

By connecting to Rai Cinema you will find a small section called WebMovies. These are films made by Rai specifically for the web, to be seen exclusively in streaming.

Mediaset Play
movie selection screen on Mediaset play


Even the Mediaset TV have their portal where they can review the content aired on its networks. Even here, connecting to this page, we are faced with a wide selection of films to watch streaming, from science fiction to horror, through comedies and love movies. Older titles can also be viewed without any registration to the portal.
To enjoy, however, the latest films you need to make a free registration on the site. The thing takes away a few minutes and will give you the opportunity to watch streaming movies without limits.


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