10 AdSense strategies to increase income from Ad Sense ads

10 AdSense strategies are effective to increase your revenue from AdSense ads.

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10 AdSense strategies are effective to increase your revenue from AdSense ads

Do you use AdSense and want to increase your revenue? I’ll share with you these tips that will help you increase your earnings.

AdSense is one of the most important ad programs for bloggers and is 100% free.

I’ve already written extensively on some good reasons to use Adsense, and for new bloggers, I’ve provided a previous and complete theme for creating an Adsense account and perfect for Almighty God.

Now I think it’s time to go ahead and learn some basic and advanced tips to increase your AdSense earnings.

10 ADDNS strategies have proven effective

One of the factors you should consider seriously involves placing your ads:

Be careful not to violate AdSense policies by placing your ads in a way that forces users to click on them

In addition, make sure someone is not prompted to click on your ads.

With these important considerations in mind,

The new Adsense interface has some easy-to-use features that will definitely help you increase your revenue.

Tips on DIY to increase AdSense earnings:

It is commonly said that traffic to your site visitors is directly proportional to money in blogging, but this is not really accurate in terms of Adsense advertising. The reason for this is that there are many factors that affect your Adsense income.

These include ad placements, ad type, traffic source and most importantly, AdSense cost-per-click (CPC).

If you’re always searching for keywords, be sure to monitor your CPC column.

The higher the CPC, the better for you as an AdSense publisher. If you’re targeting a high CPC, the number of words, keywords, and clicks on your ads will typically be higher.


Size / Location: Location & Size:

  1. This is one of the most common factors in getting low CTR versus high CTR.
  2. You should try placing Adsense ads around the content and above the fold of the page. (Ads at the top of the page are better than lower-level ads!)
  3. You can mix ads with your site design.
  4. Something that bloggers often ignore is link-based ads. Link-based ads are different from banner ads and do not reduce clickthrough rate (CTR) for the main ads if they are optimized correctly. It’s usually best to keep these types of ads on the main navigation bar.
  5. When you design a website to earn Adsense revenue, you should put the AdSense Thermal map in your mind. This way, you can easily create improved AdSense themes and creatives for your new site.
  6. Here are some AdSense sizes that work best:

336 * 280: Large Rectangle

300 * 250:

728 * 90

160 * 600


Organic Traffic /U.S: Free visits:

Adsense ads work best when your traffic is from search engines. Interest-based advertising may not perform well if you’re getting more direct traffic. Many people complain of lower cost-per-click (CPCs) and lower Adsense revenue despite leaving millions of impressions per month.


Adsense for Search: Add extra revenue source AdSense Search Engine:

AdSense offers many ways to monetize your site, and you should try to take advantage of all kinds of ads. Adsense not only helps in monetizing but also helps to navigate between the user.


Adsense section targeting: Make ads more relevant Targeting the Adsense section: Make ads more relevant

Adsense is a contextual ad network that works based on your page’s content, including the header and footer. Ads running through Adsense should, therefore, be relevant to the context of your article.

Targeting the Adsense section is a quick way to add two lines of code before and after content, and therefore target your ad to content.


Image or Text Ads: Image or Text Ads:


By blocking your ad type or ad category, you reduce competition for your ad, which also reduces the cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) of your ads. Best use of both types of ads.


Ads between posts: Announcements Between Topics:

If you want to increase your AdSense revenue, you can easily configure Adsense to match the background and colors of your page, and add 468 * 60 image ads or text ads between posts. You can also add 7-10 photos, keeping in mind that you want to provide a good user experience for your readers. Be sure to add enough space between your ads and content so that you do not violate AdSense policies.


Placement targeting: Placement targeting:

This idea is not implemented by many bloggers. When you create a channel, you have the option to add more details about your ad types, then place your ad for auction on the market by choosing placement targeting. This increases competition, and the value of advertising on your site rises. This must be enabled manually for each custom channel. To enable placement targeting on your existing custom channel, sign in to your Adsense> My ads> Custom> Custom channels account. Then, click a contact.



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