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67 Simple Ideas for Making Money Online at Home.

67 Simple Ideas for Making Money Online at Home.

I decided to write this guide, simple and understandable, not only for those who are professionals, but especially for those who are beginners and is looking for a serious way to round off the salary and create an alternative income by using the web. If you want to start a business, we suggest you read our guide to work from home.

Data entry: surveys, contests, reviews, gig jobs platforms.
Finance and investments: online trading, asset management, social trading.
Sales activities and Sharing economy: rare objects, school notes, theses, rentals.
Online jobs and digital professions: SEO, Adwords, designers, speakers, social media.
Start a business: crafts, custom orders, jewelry, paintings, photos.
Personal skills: writing, video creation, teaching, etc.
I am sure that in this guide you will find the way to make money from home that suits you. Make yourself comfortable, because the list is long: over 65 ideas to earn online, divided into macro-categories to facilitate reading.

It starts now!

Copy Trading with eToro: if I told you that you can copy everything that makes a successful trader?
Would you like to launch yourself on the investment world and earn as much as a professional trader but do not have the skills?

social trading – copy trading We are talking about online trading and therefore buying and selling financial securities, but in a much less technical and definitely more humane and “simplified” way.

If you are fascinated by the financial investment but you have few skills on the subject, this mode will certainly interest you.

Through social trading it is in fact possible to access a large community of traders and “filter” them based on how much they have earned in the last X months through their online trading activity.

The leading platform of this type of trading is called eToro and has over 6 million active investors in 140 countries.

For example, you can select all traders who have obtained a minimum profit of + 25% over the last two years and who may have a low degree of risk (ie their portfolios have had, during the last few years, minimal negative fluctuations ).

The advantages are many:

You can start with little: you could start with an initial budget of 160 euros.
Top training: start with a demo account of 100,000 euros, the highest in the category.
Simple and intuitive interface: the simplified approach for the newcomers in the sector translates into an absolutely intuitive and clear interface.
Excellent returns: with a good practice you could get to copy traders with returns that reach + 85% per year (and here we explain how to select the best traders to copy).
All you need to do to start copying a position is:

1) Open an account on eToro.
2) Look for the best and most similar traders to your risk profile.
3) Once you have identified the trader (they are called Popular Investor) you want to copy, allocate part of your funds to copy it and start the copy.

Summarizing: your wallet will literally copy the investments of the Popular Investors you have selected. If they earn, you earn accordingly.

Do you know that you can monetize your free time without having any skills?

All you have to do is answer the most different polls to be able to earn even € 170 a week.

Companies need to gather the most information from their customers and potential customers, so they create market surveys and also need your opinion.

Surveys will be sent to you if the company that commissioned them will think you need your opinion. To have more poll requests to fill out I suggest you fill in your profile in depth, specifying each individual interest.

An additional lever of optimization is to have your family members enrolled too: different age groups and interests will help you to significantly increase the chances of being selected for a survey and then earning on the internet.

There are many sites that offer paid surveys with cash or gift certificates, all belonging to international market research companies.

We have selected the 9 best online survey sites for you.

Nielsen Panel (earns without doing anything): it is the world leader in consumption and marketing surveys. In this panel, finalized and detect the browsing habits of users, you can subscribe with all your devices (Windows PC or Mac, Android Tablet or Android Smartphone), download the Certified Nielsen app and earn simply by surfing the web. Points earned can be converted into cash or prizes. You earn around € 4 per week for each of the devices on which you will install the Nielsen app. Registration will close in a few days.
LifePoints: a brand new survey site, offering you juicy rewards such as Amazon, Zalando, Ikea, iTunes, LaFeltrinelli, donations at Unicef ​​or you can directly convert your points balance into cash to be paid to your Paypal balance. Its strong point is that you will not only find the classic surveys, but you could receive free samples to test or you will be asked to simply fill in a diary where you can write down your behaviors and habits.
Opinion Center: after registration you can immediately start to participate in the first surveys that accrue points convertible into Amazon, iTunes or cash withdrawable via PayPal from € 50.
Bidoo: this is actually an auction site, but if you have time to invest the bets start at € 0.01 and you have the opportunity to win products at a bargain price like tv, table, smartphone .. Sign up today to receive a € 10 welcome bonus that you can use right away to get your favorite products starting at € 0.01.
Toluna: offers rewards for answering questionnaires and for testing products. Interesting the presence of Quicksurvey: very short and frequent surveys that still earn a good number of points. You can request Amazon vouchers, shopping vouchers (from € 30) and many free products to be tested.
SurveyPronto: the brand new site that allows you to earn both with surveys and with cashback (purchases on affiliated shops and earnings for each purchase made). Pay directly to your PayPal account and get a $ 5 sign-up bonus.
Opinion People: easy to use survey site that recognizes bonus points up to the figure of € 5 for a single survey. The operation is very simple: answer the questionnaires, collect points and you can turn them into Amazon vouchers when you reach the threshold of € 20. Register today and you can earn up to 35 points.
We monitor the web, every day, looking for new revenue opportunities. Do you want to receive, once a month, the list of all survey panels that are looking for new members?

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