Ad sense uses the most intelligent automated ad system to display ads.

Ad sense uses the most intelligent automated ad system to display ads.


Adsense today introduced the most intelligent automated ad system to display ads on sites shared by this Google Adsense ad system.

It is an alternative system for page level ads to give it more improvement and effectiveness.

If you’re already using Page-level ads on your site, your existing settings will be migrated to automatic ads. You can find the new General Settings on the Automatic Ads page within your account.

You do not need to paste the ad code (ad code) again, as automatic ads and page-level ads use the same ad code.

What’s new with these automatic ads?

Automatic ads are based on page-level ads, offering new opportunities like:

New ad formats:

(Such as text and display ads, in-house ads, etc.) as well as current formats such as static ads and full-screen ads

Advanced URL settings that allow you to show different automated ads on different pages of your sites.

Now how do you set up new automatic ads if you have not enabled page level ads from a previous?

To set up automatic ads, you must first choose which ad formats you want to display on all pages of your site. These will be General Settings.

You can then copy and paste the ad code into each page where you’d like automatic ads to appear. Once you’re done, you can choose to show different ad formats on some of your pages by creating a set of URLs.

To set up automatic ads, follow these steps:

Sign in to your AdSense account.

In the left navigation, click My ads.

Click Automatic Ads.

On the “Choose your public settings” page, use the controls to choose which ad formats you’d like to view.

Leave new forms automatically if you want AdSense to automatically add new ad formats to your public settings when available.

Click Save.

On the “Place the code on your page” page, click Copy icon.

Paste the ad code into my tag



</ head>

Per page where you’d like automatic ads to appear. If you’re not sure how to do this, see the Code Execution Guide from Adsense.

Note :

If you choose the “Show ads when I activate my account” option when you link your site to AdSense, that means we’ve set up automatic ads for you. To change your general settings, go to the Automatic Ads page and click (edit).

Note that you must do this once per page. The ad code is the same for each page on each site where you’d like automatic ads to appear.

After you paste the ad code, you can still make changes to your automatic ad settings at any time without having to change your ad code.

Click Done. Automatic ads will now appear on your pages within about 10 minutes to 20 minutes.

Track automatic ad performance

You can track the performance of your automated ads by viewing the Ad Formats report on your Performance reports page.

Automatic ads are displayed within ad format labels (static ads and full-screen ads) in the report.

Adsense adopts automatic ad system

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