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The best apps to make money with your mobile phone.

The best apps to make money with your mobile phone.

Are you thinking about earning some extra money with the Apps on your smartphone? Perhaps you should consider these applications we have chosen in our guide.

More and more often there are ads that invite you to download an app to make money. At first glance, it seems impossible or even a trick to get you to download something. In truth, there are real applications for mobile phones that allow you, with a few clicks and a bit ‘of time, to make you cash in! Obviously, we are not talking about big figures, but about modest earnings in cash, or in credit for other apps or for other purchases.

However, application stores offer a wide range of possibilities to earn money, and above all, there are Apps to earn money for all tastes. From photography, if you like taking pictures, driving, if you like driving or using the car a lot. We see below the most famous and widespread ones.

Numerous Apps, like those that we will list you soon, allow you to earn some money thanks to your passions.

If you are a fan of photography, if you do not leave home without your camera, and you have a huge archive of photos of all kinds, then Foap is the app for you, if you want to make money. In just a few minutes, you can upload your photos directly from your mobile phone or even from the social media you’ve already published them on. If someone is interested in buying them, then you will receive some money. These are not large sums, but you can get a few euros for photos. Of course, if you sell hundreds, the proceeds will be substantial!

A similar App, among other things affiliated with Getty Images, is EyeEm. Even here you can publish your photos, sell them and also track their use and publication. Another good way to earn some money and maybe get noticed in the world of photography.

If instead, not for passion, but for need, drive a lot during the day and you’re always in the car, then you absolutely must consider Payer. This App, use the camera of your mobile phone and your GPS to get updated maps of the streets. Instead of sending someone around in the car, they decided to take advantage of those already in their cars. In return, they will pay you a few cents per kilometer, and you can have them in cash or gift cards. The only limit, at the moment, is that this App only works on the iPhone!

Google Opinion Reward
If your passion is reading or listening to music and you spend a lot on the Google Books and Music app, then you can consider the Google Opinion Reward hypothesis. As the name literally says, it is about having a reward in exchange for your opinions. Weekly, Google will send you questionnaires, not related to your privacy, but to your ideas on certain topics. By answering these questions, you will get credits that you can spend on books, apps, and music, without having to put more money on your wallet or credit card.

The ways to make money with the Apps are really many and original. Here are some really nice and interesting:

Nielsen mobile App: An app that allows you to earn rewards simply using your mobile phone, is that of the statistical research institute Nielsen. In practice, all you have to do is use your mobile phone to browse the internet, as you usually do. The App will record the sites you view and for how long, simply to extract aggregate data about how people use the mobile phone and what they do to us. Your personal data or passwords are not disclosed or collected. However, you will be renouncing your privacy for a while, in order to help the study of people’s behavior on the web.
Another way to make money is to have fun doing “007” and provide insight into big brands and producers about their products. We are talking about using one of these two Apps:

BeMyEye: “Be my eye”, allows you to earn from 5 to 25 euros, simply coming to the store near the house. In practice, you can participate in “missions” in your neighborhood to do market research. It is a matter of going to see if a product is present in a specific store, where it is displayed, photographing the price and, possibly, asking a question to a shop assistant and answering a questionnaire. If you like going shopping and doing “the customer in disguise” for someone else, then you absolutely must download this App.
Street bees: An app very similar to BeMyEye, is Street bees, “street bees”. Here, too, it is about providing information on consumption to the application, which will reward you in pounds, from 5 to 15, depending on the task you decide to perform. It’s about taking a photo of a product and its price in a store, or simply taking a picture of the things you have in the fridge or pantry so that they can study the buying habits of consumers.


If you are a sportsman or a great walker, you can all now monetize your passion, simply by downloading Sweetcoin. This App will pay you in cryptocurrency, Sweetcoin precisely, which can be used in stores, or on the affiliated websites, to buy goods or services. To make money you have nothing to do but walk, run or ride a bike. Every little goal you will reach, you will get a sum in Sweetcoin!


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