Buy Instagram followers: all the reasons not to do it!

Buy Instagram followers: all the reasons not to do it!

Have you decided to buy followers on Instagram to increase the number of followers? Perhaps this will make you change your mind.
If the number of followers worries you and watching that of your friends you notice a huge difference between those who follow you and those who are their followers do not worry because you can reduce this gap in different ways.
Searching on Google are many sites and forums that explain how to see the number of followers grow, some of which will suggest you buy followers on Instagram. Driven by the frenzy of the moment, perhaps you have also tried this function in the official application, obviously not finding it. Well, you did not find it because you can not buy followers on Instagram.

Of course, there are several apps that allow you to get this result in exchange for some money, but for what? Reflect on this before convincing you that it is actually important for the success of your profile to buy followers.

Why you should not buy followers on Instagram.

If it is true that today many people measure success, especially on social networks by the number of followers/followers or friends (in the case of Facebook) certainly a more careful assessment is not the component to be considered to feel interesting to the eye of others.

If you came across forums or sites that sell to your followers or propose you to buy followers on Instagram you are free to follow their advice and to install these applications to get around the system and find yourself a high number of followers but not real!

But if your intention to have more followers is linked to the dream of becoming influential in some field, such as fashion, and earn with Instagram becoming an influencer then we advise you in no way to buy followers on Instagram with the app. Also because if you ever had to become really famous having tried to buy the system, it could deny you the verification of the Instagram account!

Other reasons why you should not buy followers.

In the first analysis, it is NOT ETHICAL. If you decide to buy followers go against the idea for which Instagram was born. This social network was created to allow everyone to share original, authentic, quickly and captivating content. Think about it: how many times have you committed to making beautiful shots with breathtaking views, have you enjoyed taking pictures of beautiful dishes or making videos during the evenings with friends? Maybe you lost even more than ten minutes to embellish these photos with filters and effects.

Well! Then avoid cheating and continue to use ethical and legal methods to get a nice Instagram profile.

Last, but not least, it is that buying followers on Instagram will not make you an influencer and will hardly allow you to make money working or collaborating with famous brands. Why? Well, first of all, because serious brands are not simply interested in the number of people who follow you but measure your success by evaluating multiple factors. What is the use of 20’000 followers if none of these comments on your photos?

If there is no way to create interaction with your audience you will hardly influence people in the true sense of the word, far from it. Moreover, most of the contacts that will follow you using illegal methods are not even Italians or Europeans so you will hardly be credible in the eyes of others who will watch who your followers really are.


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