Create a blog with WordPress and earn money on Affiliate Marketing.

Do you want to create a blog with WordPress and maybe earn money on Affiliate Marketing? Here is my Guide!
Everyone’s dream is to wake up in the morning to write some text and travel, without work obligations or stressful days.


There are those who succeed in this and I personally have tested that it works!

Today I want to write the GUIDE on How to create a Blog with WordPress and earn money seriously!

Are you ready? It starts!

First you need the NAME of your Blog, how do you want to call yourself, how do you want the user to recognize you? The name is the most important part of all this Article, the rest is just procedures but the name is really something that drives all beginners crazy!

You can use your name to create your personal blog, or if you want to target a specific sector you can use a name that recalls what you write.

How to create a blog with WordPress Sales oriented?
If you want to create a blog to sell and earn money, you have to understand that you have to orient yourself to a niche! You can not be generic, you must orient yourself on specific topics.

Look at mine, I talk about techniques and ways to make money online, so in my blog you can find all the topics that can really interest my audience.

If you do not know how to do affiliate marketing or you do not even know what it means to look at my short guide and then proceed with reading this article:

The 3 types of Affilate Marketing

Ok now if you understand the first two points you are ready for the decisive step!

I want to tell you that everything I recommend in this guide has really been tested and works, the suggested programs are the ones I use and that I can guarantee as if they were mine!

How to create a blog with wordpress the STEP 1
The first thing you need to do once you understand the name is to register the Domain name.

The Domain is the www.nomedeltuosito.com serves to create professionalism and really start something successful.

I have tested Dante Providers (services that sell Hosting) but the best WordPress is Without Shadow of Doubt SITEGROUND.

All this article will be based on guided tutorials realized precisely through this provider.

Here’s why I recommend this:

It allows you to install WordPress in 5 seconds
It’s fast and safe, so you do not have to worry about attacks etc …
It allows you to do many things
It guarantees efficiency for SEO or positioning on Google.
I could list you many other positive aspects but I think these are the basis.

Ah … I was forgetting, if you buy the domain through my link I will take a commission and you will not lose anything … You will help me however to create new articles and to repay the work done.

Another important thing, if you buy something from my Blog by clicking on my links you can request assistance through my Facebook page!

Having said this, let’s proceed.

To speed up your lesson today, I created a video on how to do it quickly … Watch it now:

Before moving on to the second video I suggest you start, if you have not already done so, register your new domain, so you will be able to put into practice what you see on video …

Now that we have created and installed your Blog with WordPress nothing remains but to start the real work of Blogger.
How do I configure my Blog with WordPress?
WordPress works on themes, there are hundreds of themes you can buy or use for free. If you go to the themes section you will see a series of themes that you can use. Just choose one to create a blog with wordpress in a really efficient way.

plugin setting

The installation is very simple, just click on ACTIVATE and the site is done.

Obviously now you have to understand how to write the text and how to make money, so do not stop reading my article because now comes the interesting part! Specifically we will see:


How to write your articles and make them first on Google
Create affiliate systems to earn money
How to use other channels to bring traffic!
How to write my first article and optimize it on Google
Every time you write a new article, think about creating a little brick that will help you create your blog with WordPress. Each brick makes up your Blog and each of it can make you gain and free.

When you write try to prepare exactly what you need, links, videos, photos, etc … Do not be unprepared you have to create something harmonious that you attract to read.

1 Step) Write long and not short texts! You must be at least 1500 words or you will never be able to be indexed on Google and find your potential contacts.

Some of my texts on my blog come to 5000 words!

2 Step) Do not write trivial stuff, try to be creative and do NOT copy from other blogs, you would only be penalized.

3 Step) Use all ‘inside of the text words or phrases that can refer to the search for your article on google. Try to think about how people can search for your articles and try to use that information in the text.

4 Step) The article url must absolutely recall the keyword inserted in the article.

I want to give you special advice, download for your WordPress Blog the Yoast SEO plugin is easy to use and allows you to monitor optimization while writing your text. This plugin is FREE and will allow you to get the most out of your new and wonderful Blog in WordPress.

Another important tip!

Try to connect to other articles you’ve already written. If you are looking to create a blog in WordPress maybe you’re new and you have not yet entered your first article, but this does not mean that you will not!

You have to prepare the articles in order to link them together. This will not only help you in writing well complex articles, but above all will help the user and google to make your Blog more interesting.

How to create a blog with WordPress and earn money
They are called affiliations and you will surely have heard about Affiliate Marketing.

This system allows you to sell or recommend products that are not yours to other people and receive a% of the profit in return. You do not have to have a sales system or buy a total of products. You just have to put a link and earn!

Many people ask where to find the links or how to start an affiliation profile and for this you can find many of my answers in the article Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

Always remember one thing, the user is hard to convince but if you think it is interesting you will be his reference forever! Try to offer solutions and material really good!

How to bring traffic from other channels
Another very important problem is that of traffic!

If you have a brand new blog you would like everyone to find it, the main point is that Google optimization takes some time to consider and optimize your articles.

Having associated with your Blog of social profiles is essential. First of all by now it is becoming INSTAGRAM, (you can find my detailed guide here)

In addition to Instagram, obviously based on your topic, you can also open a Facebook and Video channel on Youtube.

Obviously you need to understand what you really need and where you can find your contacts …

Try not to repeat the same things in the various channels but realize something special, something that attracts you to follow you.

Now you just have to do some little things before starting your journey in the world of BLOG!

Go to Siteground from this link and buy your first domain.
Install the Blog in WordPress within the system
Go to my Facebook page and contact me so we can start a conversation on your new blog!


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