Do you want to start selling on Amazon, open an Amazon store in a few minutes.

Do you want to start selling on Amazon but you do not know where to start? Here is a guide that will allow you to open an Amazon store in a few minutes.

Amazon is now an online world store, where we can buy everything from books to cars, clothes, appliances and home furnishings. If it is true that on Amazon we can buy everything, the other side of the coin is that we can also sell everything. If you have a physical store, Amazon offers the opportunity for sellers to expand their potential clientele indefinitely, both in Italy and abroad.

A similar argument also applies to non-professional sellers who maybe just want to sell some items on Amazon occasionally.

So let’s see how to open a shop on Amazon, and what are the costs and services offered, both for professional sellers and for those occasions.


To become an Amazon seller and open your online store, you need to register on this page and click the “Register now” button if you want to open a seller account or scroll down the page until you find the link to the page register for the basic account. You will be asked for the following data:

name, surname and other personal information;
business name if you also have an off-line company;
the credit card or bank details;
the identity card;
a valid phone number.
The latter will also be used to verify your data and to send you a confirmation code that you will need to enter during registration.

Create a catalog to sell on Amazon.

Once the account creation is complete, you can immediately start creating your own catalog and posting Amazon sales listings. To do so, just go to “catalog”, “add new product” and write a short description of what you want to sell on Amazon. With the “search” button you will see products similar to yours, selecting the system will automatically take information on the category and type of product, so you only need to add information on price, quantity and conditions, as well as upload photos of goods. If you do not find products similar to yours, then clicking on “Create a new offer”, you will have to enter all the information of what you want to sell, starting from the product category. In general, the more information you add, the easier it will be for a potential customer to find you. So the advice is to enter as many details as possible, also filling in the “Advanced View” section, where you can add a keyword, weight, packaging etc. Once you have completed all the information on the product, in a few minutes you will see your article on sale on Amazon.

Of course, you can sell multiple products on Amazon at the same time and manage ads and orders from the seller account. Just go to the “Your orders” section and the “Performance” section to get a complete picture of the published adverts, the sales made, the packages sent and those still to be sent, as well as the feedback and requests from the buyers. But let’s see now how much the Amazon sales service costs.


If it is true that thanks to Amazon we can sell items comfortably in front of the PC and receiving the money directly on our bank account, it is equally true that this service is not free.

Amazon offers two options for those who decide to sell on their portal:

a basic account;
a pro account.
The basic account is designed for those who do not sell much online and, in fact, has a limit of 40 monthly sales. The cost of the service is free until purchase. The moment someone buys and pays for your goods, then you will be deducted 99 cents from the Amazon service. If you are selling books, DVDs, software or video games, then you will be charged an additional commission ranging from one euro and one cent to 81 cents, depending on the product. If you are a professional seller with a large volume of goods, then you will have to opt for a pro account. This allows you to sell an unlimited number of products on Amazon, and you will not have any commission on every single sale, but a monthly subscription cost of 39 euros.

Amazon also offers a paid logistics service. If you no longer want to have your warehouse and send the goods to you, you can send everything to Amazon that will take care of storage, delivery, but also customer support and returns. Obviously, this service has a cost that varies depending on the volume of the goods and the time it remains in the unsold warehouse!


The VAT number is used to sell and pay taxes on the added value obtained from the sale. Obviously, if you are a trader you must have a VAT number, the discor is different I know if it’s an occasional and non-continuous sale. If, to be clear, you are selling your books or your child and in all, it is ten texts, after which you will not sell anything else, then you can proceed with the sale without VAT. The question is different if you are making book sales a continuous and not sporadic activity. Then it will be good to open a VAT number and contact an accountant!


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