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How to find contacts in Network Marketing?

Are you looking for a way to find out How to find contacts in Network Marketing?

Here’s what you need to know quickly and easily!

First, let’s SPAR a legend! The Network Marketing is not a SCAM is a way of doing business … So if you are looking for How to find contacts in Network Marketing for the purpose of Business you are welcome.

That said let’s put the dots on the i.

Who would not like to have a team that makes money on our behalf? The principle of Network Marketing is just that, finding a team that can double or triple your earning power. Finding contacts in Network Marketing is essential to grow your profit!

What are the problems of Network Marketing and how to solve them?
Network Marketing can have counter indications if it is done in the “CLASSICAL” way. For example you have already surely heard that a Networker has no friends …


It is unthinkable to network with this principle, whoever starts with this concept, will fail even before starting. GUARANTEED!

If you want to do it profitably and so as not to stress your friends or relatives and thus avoid bad figures, then you have to use online marketing.

The principle is very simple, you MUST find people who are really interested in doing business like you!

How to find contacts in Network Marketing with Online Marketing:
How many people do you know who may be interested in networking with you?

Surely little or no success percentage is very low! Yet they force you to make name lists or invite people to events where they can then offer them products or services.

Now try to think about how many people there are only in Italy and how many may be interested in a profit by entering your network marketing system?solid

100, 1,000, 10,000, certainly many more than you know.

Think that there are people waiting for only your specific invitation, without surprises! A simple invitation to join your business. A little like you are doing yourself or as you have already done!

There are people with only 6 people who create passive income for over € 10K a month.

ok, you’re thinking that it’s impossible …

Try to think about this, how many people can you reach with Online Marketing and how many can you reach, personally without?

If you calculate, the chances of success are greater in online marketing than any other tool.

How to use Online Marketing to find potential Net workers?
First you have to consider the niche, who can really be interested in the business of your network?

Once this is done, you only need to have the knowledge of Online Marketing to find potential customers thanks to Facebook, Google, You tube and much more.

You can look at my Blog for many interesting tutorials on How to find online contacts.

A good strategy is what you need!

Creating a strategy to attract potential contacts is essential. You could offer an e-book about how the Network Marketing system can help them make money online. Or you could show the potential of your network through a well-designed Marketing Funnel!

We try to clarify a simple method on how to find contacts in network marketing!

Keep reading because now I’ll explain one of my methods directly to you!

First of all, to find contacts in Network Marketing, you have to understand essentially:

[PHASE 1] Who is your target audience?

If you do not correctly identify this you only lose time, you can help by asking yourself questions:

Who are my current contacts?
What age do they have?
What kind of work do they do?
What kind of education do they have?
Do they have specific interests?

Can they have contacts or follow people of a certain type?
Do they have special Hobbies?
The more you can identify your ideal target, the easier it is to find contacts in network marketing!

[STEP 2] Once you understand the target

We must now think about the message! What can we use to attract contacts and bring them into our lists? A Report? A particular video where you explain the product or service?

Think as a user, think as if you did not know this business opportunity and I was completely opposed to Network marketing. (A bit like everyone else at the beginning.

[STEP 3] We are going to convert with the right means

If you are looking for a way to find contacts in network marketing, you can not know your ultimate goal, that is, CONVERSION!

This must be thought of regardless of everything! It’s the very first thing you need to know in order to be successful!

“Hey Andrea, I know what I want to get, I want new contacts!”

Are you sure this is your conversion goal? Do not you want to have really interested people like you doing business? The Bello of Network Marketing is precisely the network!

To find contacts in network marketing you must necessarily have these competenze:

Know how to use Marketing tools such as Facebook and Instagram

Generate contacts via Funnel

Know how to create an Automated Funnel that works for you!
Where can you acquire these strategies / information?
Surely doing Online Marketing is not easy without help … Those who fail in this type of business is precisely because they do not have the knowledge of how online marketing should be used to create a network.

My personal advice is to follow two simple steps:

Watch my tutorials on Youtube or on my Blog [Here you can find the complete Funnel guide] Speed ​​up learning with my Academy, a new way of doing digital training
For example, in my MARKETING FORMULA course, I have prepared a series of lessons dedicated to the strategies to be used for networkers and others on how to use the tools to generate traffic, find potential contacts and know and be able to distinguish your own niche.


… Having said this it is time to proceed

How to find contacts in novice Network Marketing?
Here is the shopping list required to start with your online business:

Watch the guide on the Marketing and Free Funnel and it will allow you to understand how to acquire contacts and automate them in order to speed up the acquisition.
Study well who can be your contact, what inclinations, what do you expect, what you want to hear, etc …
Use social networks to generate traffic and bring visits to your message. To do this you can see my article on how to sell online through Facebook that more or less approaches your need!
Once you understand how to use the tools you will see everything in a much more lucid and intuitive.

Network Marketing is not so different!

To do Network Marketing seriously and profitably, without having the row of disgruntled and angry friends / relatives with us, we must act in an intelligent way! To do this we need the tools of online marketing ..

So always remember that if you are looking for a way on How to find contacts in Network Marketing, you can not not face the online part through the Funnel marketing.


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