Guide to how to share your position with WhatsApp.

Guide to how to share your position with WhatsApp.

Sharing your location with WhatsApp allows you in a few seconds to tell your parents or your party where you are precise. Here’s the guide to learn all about the new WhatsApp feature for location sharing.
Are you late for the appointment with friends and they, tired of waiting, have already walked towards the new open space in the city? Do not your parents trust you and want to make sure you arrived at school on time to follow the lesson of the day? Well! Thanks to the new function of WhatsApp that allows you to share your position in real time with a contact you no longer have to ask for directions or implore your parents to believe you and reassure them that you are really at school!
In fact, recently, thanks to a new update, within the personal or group chats you can use the location sharing to let one or more contacts in the phone book know exactly where you are. Fantastic, is not it?
The purpose of this feature – according to the creators of WhatsApp – is just to reassure your family by letting them know that you are safe in the place where you had to go or let your friends know where you are to allow him to reach you. Moreover, since it is a matter of letting someone know exactly where we are this function is end-to-end encryption and no other person outside the contact or contacts who are part of the group with whom you are sharing the position will know!

Activate the GPS to share the location on WhatsApp
How to share the location in real time on WhatsApp with Android
How to share the location in real time on WhatsApp with iOS


To be able to share your real-time location with your WhatsApp contact, your location must be active on your smartphone. This is a preliminary procedure to be carried out before you can share your current position with your contact. Thanks to the activation of the GPS your smartphone will be able to identify your current position and position yourself on the map that will be sent on WhatsApp to your family or your friends.
Most likely you are already able to activate the GPS to share your position so you can also avoid reading this paragraph and go directly to the next one. In the event that you do not remember the procedure, however, we want to remind you how to do it in just a few steps:

If your smartphone is an iPhone you must follow the necessary steps that allow you to activate the location on iOS. Nothing could be simpler! Go to Settings Settings-ios and search for “Privacy”. Click on the latter to view other options: the first should be “Localization”. If you read “No” nearby click and operate the green lever by turning it ON, while if you read “Yes”, as in the screenshot below, then your position is already active and the GPS will be able to identify where you are right now.

If what you have in your hands is an Android smartphone, the procedure to activate the GPS is still simple. Depending on the version of the operating system installed on your phone you can follow one of these three steps:
Go to Settings settings-android> Position, move the lever to ON if it is not active (older version);
Go to Settings settings-android> Security and position> Position (or Geolocation), move the lever to ON (older version);
Go to Settings settings-android> Connections> Position, activate the lever by switching it to ON (latest version).

Sharing your position in real time using WhatsApp on Android is easy. Here are the steps to follow:

Go to the contact’s personal chat or join the group of friends you want to share your current location with;
Pencil on the icon in the shape of a paper clip to open the attachment panel;
In the middle you find the item “Position”: select “Share current position” and choose how long to leave that position active;
Tap the green icon at the bottom right to share your location with WhatsApp!
Remember that by doing so, all chat participants will be able to see your point with the real-time location where you are. If more friends share their position on the map, more points will appear!


To share your current location on WhatsApp with iOS you will have to follow these simple steps:

After enabling the location of your iPhone, open WhatsApp and choose the chat of the person or group with whom you want to share your current position
Click on The + icon at the bottom left chat-WhatsApp-ios
Choose “Location” to share the current location and decide how long to leave it active in the chat
Finally, presses the blue arrow at the bottom right to let you know where you are on WhatsApp to your contact or contacts in the group!


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