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How to make money on the Internet without investing.

How to make money on the Internet without investing a newbie quickly from scratch – 21 proven ways + real reviews  

Greetings, friends! If you have wondered how to make money on the Internet without investing a newbie quickly from scratch, then this article is for you! On the Internet, you can find a huge number of ideas and options for earning on the Internet. In this article, we will analyze the most effective and easy ways of making money on the Internet, from which a newbie can quickly start earning money from scratch. I will share with you my experiences and secrets that will help you quickly achieve the desired result. Most of the methods below will allow you to start earning completely without investment. However, even if you do not need financial investments, you will definitely have to invest your efforts and time to make money. Remember, freebies are only in a mousetrap! Which salary option suits you? How to quickly start getting money from the Internet? The material will be useful both for beginners on the Internet, and for those who are looking for additional ways to make money online.


1.     How to start a beginner to make money on the Internet.

The Internet has provided people with amazing opportunities to make money: you can earn money every day without leaving your home. Someone is already earning, someone is just planning to start working on the Internet, others do not even suspect that they are losing. Earnings on the Internet for beginners is quite real and possible! However, as elsewhere, lazy people here will not be able to earn worth money. Typically, these people are targeted by scammers on the Internet, offering quick enrichment on the Internet without any work. But those people who are willing to work and spend some of their time earning on the Internet can receive a good income on the Internet without investment. This income can be several times higher than the average monthly in the country and at the same time you will work only 3-5 hours a day. This is not some kind of fantasy; this is already a reality! I know students, schoolchildren and even retirees who have started to earn money on the Internet from zero from 10,000 $. The key point is your desire. If you have the desire and desire to earn, then I can 100% guarantee that you will achieve success on the Internet. Even the skills and abilities that you have or don’t have are not important. In addition to the desire, you will need 2 more simple things: e-mail and e-wallets (preferably a bank card): E-mail you need to register on the sites where you will earn. I think the majority of Internet users email. mail is already there. If not, then you can register it for free at Electronic wallets are needed to receive payment on the Internet for your work. It is enough to open 2-3 purses: Kiwi, Yandex Money, Web money. It is also very convenient to have a bank card to which you can transfer money directly or from electronic wallets, and then withdraw money from ATMs. Another important point – choose the option of earnings, which is most like and most suits you. In general, this is all you need to start earning money on the Internet. Some ways of earning, discussed below in this article, may require minor financial investments, but as a rule, they pay off very quickly.

 2. How much a newbie can earn on the Internet This is the very question that interests almost all newbies on the Internet. The answer to the question depends primarily on the way you choose and the time you are willing to devote to earnings. But still try to answer this question in numbers. On extremely simple tasks on the Internet usually earn 50-300 $ per day. But there are also exceptions that make it possible to earn from 500-1000 $ per day on relatively easy orders. Such simple tasks can be clicks on advertising, watching videos, navigating to the site, reading emails from advertisers … There are also more complex ways that will require you to turn on your head and think. Here your income can be almost unlimited. For example, you can work as a freelancer, start a business on the Internet, create your own website … However, in order to realize yourself in this direction you will need time. About what freelancing is and how to make money on it – read in a separate article! The average level of earnings on such methods can be from 15,000 to 100,000 $ per month. Below we look at both simple and more complex ways, the choice ultimately is yours. For example, I started to earn the first money on the Internet from simple ways, I managed to earn about 200 $ a day at the beginning. Every day I gained more and more experience and in a month I earned from 1000 $ a day. Here is what I wanted to recommend to you: start with a simple one, as soon as you become well-versed in this, go to a more difficult level. Constantly develop. Your income in this case will grow exponentially. No need to chase immediately for a lot of money, so you just get disappointed and do not really earn anything. Remember that Moscow was also not built one day. Be patient, work in the chosen direction and constantly learn new things. Thus, you definitely can make good money on the Internet. And now, finally, let’s move on to the main thing – how to make money on the Internet.

2.     TOP 21 ways In the beginning, as promised, we will analyze simple options for making money without investments that will suit everyone. Here you do not need difficult mental activity – everything is quite simple and clear. Such tasks can be performed automatically without much thought. In the second part of the article we will talk about more advanced ways of making money on the Internet. In this case, you will begin to earn really big money, but you should be aware that you will need to work responsibly on the result. To earn a lot, doing nothing, the Internet will not work. Part 1: How to earn a newbie just without the investment number

1: Earnings on the phone In the modern world with the advent of applications for smartphones, there is an amazing opportunity to make money on it. The essence of earnings is to download applications to your phone that advertisers want to promote. For this, respectively, you will receive money. After you download the application, the money will be credited to your electronic balance. You can instantly and without commission withdraw all your earnings to one of the online wallets or to your phone number. It is not necessary to keep the application on your phone after you have paid for it. If you don’t need it, just delete it. How much can you earn? The average payment for the downloaded application is 4-8 $. Although there are those for which they charge even 20-30 $. As a result, a month, if you use several services, you can earn about 500 – 1 000 $ paying only a few minutes a day. Given the time, very good! I will give the 3 best services for earnings (for more money, download them all to your phone): # 1: App Cent is a cool app with a large number of daily available orders, convenient withdrawal methods and instant payments. For entering the slonodrom code you will be charged 5 $ to the account for withdrawal. You can download this link! # 2: AdvertApp is an excellent and time-tested application with a good payment. Enter the invitation code: 2g2as and you will also receive a bonus! Download the app can – here! # 3: AppBonus is another pretty good application for additional income. Payment for tasks is not too high, but tasks do not appear rarely. Click here to download! All that is needed in order to earn a novice without investments is to download their application in which all available orders will be visible. You will need to follow the links, download the app and get paid. As you can see, mobile earnings will make it easy and simple to make money from scratch – the most for beginners !?

 2: Earnings on captcha One of the easiest opportunities on the Internet is to earn money on entering captcha. A captcha is a picture that shows various characters that need to be entered in a special field. The goal of a captcha is to distinguish a person from a computer. The computer can not make out the characters in the pictures. There is another kind of captcha from Google search service, where you need to choose among the pictures those that meet certain requirements, for example, where the food is depicted. Surely you have already faced with the captcha, when trying to register on any of the services. On the Internet, you can find a bunch of sites that offer to make money on solving a captcha. Below we look at the most popular. Customers are usually users who use automated programs on the Internet. In order not to introduce a captcha each time, they use special services and are willing to pay for it. Hence, there is a great demand for performers who can earn on captcha from scratch. Earn a lot of money for captcha does not work out, but they will be enough for minor expenses: payment of expenses on the Internet, replenishment of the balance of the phone, payment for the Internet, cinema, etc. In monetary terms, it is an average of 20-70 $ for 2-3 hours of work. The exact amount of your income will depend on the speed of work, but usually it takes about 7-9 seconds to solve one captcha. Below I will introduce 3 services that make money on captcha. The first service,, is a popular Russian-language resource for making money on captcha input. Differs instant payments earned money to the wallet. Only at the moment online earns about 1000 people. There are almost always many customers at RuCapce. Sometimes only at night can decrease the number of orders. For guessing one captcha resource pays up to 10 kopecks. Thus, to earn in 2-3 hours of work is really 50-100 $. True enough, but for all the same it is also money. For earnings you only need to register: enter your email and create a password. In addition to e-wallets, you can withdraw money to your mobile phone. You can register here via this link. The second resource – – English anti-captcha, very similar to the previous service provider. The only significant difference is payments in US dollars. Translated into $ for 1000 solved captcha you can earn about 45-50 $. Also, all payments are displayed instantly to the specified payment method. The third resource,, is a service that allows, in addition to captcha, to earn newbies also on personal tasks, surfing and on social networks — by placing posts. Payment for solving a captcha is about the same. In periods of a large number of tasks – the cost increases significantly. The decryption of the image is given mostly no more than 60 seconds. However, in most cases it takes 5-10 seconds to enter a captcha. How much can you earn? Usually on this service, beginners earn about 100-150 $ per day. The minimum amount available for withdrawal is 10 $. Just a couple of minutes after ordering the payment, the money will go to your Web Money wallet. If you want to know the details about this method of earnings – read the article: Earnings on captchas without investments – 8 best sites.

3: Earnings on surveys A fairly simple way to make money on the Internet for beginners is to take surveys from companies that conduct marketing research. Their goal is to identify the needs and preferences for the product / service of a specific population group. Surveys are conducted via the Internet and usually take no more than 10-15 minutes. After answering questions, money is charged on your balance in your personal account – on average, from 30 to 200 $. To start making money on surveys, you just need to register with special resources and fill out your profile (age, gender …). After that, you will receive letters to the registered e-mail, where the link for the survey will be indicated. You cannot earn much on one questionnaire site, since you will receive about 10-15 surveys per month. That is, you will earn from 500 to 1,200 $ per month. Therefore, I recommend registering on all 3 sites, which will be listed below. You can also register for each of these questionnaires for 2-3 accounts with different email. mail, profile information and wallets for withdrawal of money. That is, in the end, you get 6-9 accounts. By organizing work in this way, you can earn up to 12,000 $ a month through simple surveys. In the future, if you want to increase earnings, you can find other questionnaires. As for the withdrawal of funds, you can withdraw them to yourself at Qiwi, mobile phone, Yandex money, WebMoney, etc. Here are the most well-known questionnaires that pay for surveys with money, not bonuses: A questionnaire is an excellent questionnaire that has been paying money for surveys for more than 10 years. Online Survey – the average cost of a survey is 40-50 $. The resource already exists for a long time. Paid Survey – sends out about 15 surveys every month. One of the popular questionnaires online. Ruble Club – you can earn money on this resource even by filling out your profile in your account – you will be charged 150 $ for this. The site usually sends a lot of polls. Also it is necessary to take into account that the polls take place as quickly as possible after they arrive at your email. Since after a certain number of people respond to them, this survey will be closed.

 4: Earnings on clicks and reading letters Another simple and simple way to make money quickly for newbies without investments is clicks. There is nothing special here – just make clicks where you need and get paid for it. In addition, you can earn money by reading various letters, all you need is to read a short text, answer a control question (there are answer options) and get money. It takes no more than 20 seconds to complete this task. However, you really won’t earn much – for one reading of the letter, they pay up to 5-10 kopecks. A more decent way is clicks that need to be done according to the instructions of the customer. Here, for one completed assignment, your income can be up to 20-30 $, depending on the task. As a result, a novice can work on such tasks for 50-200 $ per day. Among the services that provide this opportunity to earn money, the leading place is occupied by 3 popular resources, where thousands of users earn every day.

1 Place – Seo sprint – the largest books for earnings, at the moment it earns more than 350,000 people. Constantly there are a lot of tasks. You can withdraw earned instantly with the help of various payment systems. Enough user-friendly interface and working conditions. 2 Place – Seo Fast – the second most popular similar resource. The number of active users on it exceeds 85,000 people. The resource steadily exists and pays money for more than 4 years on Kiwi, WebMoney, Perfect Money and Payeer. If you have any questions about the service, feel free to write to technical support – here it is very responsive. Also great for those who want to make money right now. 3rd Place – Wmmail is another “oldest” resource that has existed since 2004. However, despite this, it also differs in the stability of payments and the presence of a large number of various tasks. During the existence of the project has been paid more than $ 6 million! Withdraw money, you can quickly to WebMoney wallet. You can familiarize yourself with the earnings instructions for Vmail in the following video: In order for a beginner to earn a more or less substantial amount of money on clicks, views and reading emails from advertisers, I recommend registering on all 3 resources and already using them all for earnings.

5: Earnings on social networks In addition, I would like to consider earnings on social networks and offer you other services with the help of which you can earn money without investments. The main tools of earnings are “likes”, reposts, subscriptions, entry into the community and others. For beginners, the real goal for making money on social networks is 100-400 $ per day. You can make big money on social networks, but for this you need to create and promote your groups (communities) and recruit subscribers. This requires large costs and time, and finance. However, this is still a working way to make money on the Internet. There are owners of such communities that have millions of subscribers. They earn on the placement of paid advertising in their community (advertisements of other publics, communities; advertisements of goods / services; advertisements of online services …). You can earn 50, 100 and even 300 thousand $ a month on millionaire communities! Let’s return to more affordable and easy ways to make money on your social account. A major service for making money on Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki … acts VkTarget. You have to put likes, repost and show other social activity. Completed tasks are checked instantly, so the funds for the balance are also credited in a matter of seconds. You can withdraw from 25 $ to your online wallet. All payments are also very fast. Registration is here! Social Public is a very popular site for making money on views, comments, likes, registrations, etc. It already earns more than 1 million users. There is a huge number of tasks. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.01 $. Most payments are instant. Interesting contests with good prizes are often held at Social Public. Sign up – here! If this option suits you, register for both services. This will allow you to earn more!

6: Earnings on video views Another way to earn a newbie quickly and from scratch is to watch videos. There is nothing unusual and complicated here. However, this method of earning can be divided into 2 subspecies: you earn when you watch a video, you make a profit, when others watch your video Of course, in the first version you can earn not very much – up to 50-100 $ a day. The second method is much more interesting and allows you to earn much more. For example, you can create a channel on YouTube, connect ads from Adsens, record video clips and upload them. Almost every video show you will receive money. Typically, the price for impressions depends on the subject of the channel. On average, it is 1-2 dollars per 1000 video views. Thus, on YouTube you can get from advertising hundreds of thousands of $ a month. But YouTube will not be able to post other people’s videos and earn money from it, because in time you are guaranteed to get a ban from moderators and your channel will be blocked. To avoid this, you need to record your own videos. But there is another option! For those who are not suitable for the above option, they can also make money by posting other people’s videos using the Moe resource. Moe Video is a video hosting service comparable to YouTube, but where you can earn not only on the publication of your videos, but also on others. In this case, your account will not be blocked for this, and the money for the views will also be charged. This service is a worthy option for earning novices. You can learn more about it from the video: If you want to earn money by watching short videos, then the best solution for this is service. For a start, you will not need any attachments, you only need to register and go ty in your personal account. Here all videos last no more than 30 seconds. For each video you watch, you will receive payment. At the resource there is a huge number of videos on a variety of topics, so you can not only earn, but also view only those that you like! At the same time, you can withdraw any amount and instantly to your e-wallet.


 7: Earnings on the forums The Internet also has a great opportunity to earn money through various forums. If you already have registered accounts on the forums, then it will be even easier for you. But even in the absence of registration on the forums, on the Internet, you can pick up 3-5 popular forums and register for them. Your earnings on the forums can range from 200 to 500 $ a day, sometimes even more! The essence of earnings is that it will be necessary to place the thematic text of advertisers with a link to its website. You should not have any difficulties here, because all you need to do is copy the already prepared text of the advertiser or write several sentences yourself with a recommendation to go and find out certain information on “such and such a website”. The advertisers are the owners of sites and online services, who thus try to promote their site and make it recognizable. Yes, and I myself have repeatedly paid for such services there. The average price you get for such a text posting on forums is about 40 $. Placing only 5 posts and spending a maximum of 20-30 minutes on this you can earn 200 $. A resource that makes it easy to earn is “Forumok”. The first thing you need to do is to register on the forums (for example, and leave at least one of your entries. The link to the page on which you left the record, copy and save in advance. By registering on the forums, go to the Forumok website and register here now. After that, add your accounts from the forums to the Forumka system and specify the saved links for each of them. After that, you can start to fulfill orders and earn money, for this you just need to go to the “forums” section. In general, this is a great service for making newcomers from scratch. I myself know many people who earn decently in this way.

8: Earnings on referral programs Referral programs are one of the most promising ways to make money today. And most importantly, it is available even for beginners. The essence of it is that you attract users to a certain online project through the Internet, and you get a reward for it (on average it is from 10% to 30% of the amount of payment / earnings)! Please note that your referrals will earn as much as they earned if they were not your referrals! Your reward for attracting referrals will be paid from the special fund of the project, and not from the amount of earnings of referrals! Surely you already know that many projects on the Internet for earning money have their referral programs. For example, very good projects with a good affiliate program: Vctarget, Advert App, various questionnaires, etc. Here, for example, the Advert App application for an affiliate program managed to earn more than 7,800 $: Already now, only on this affiliate program, income of 70-100 $ a day is released! That is, you can first focus your efforts on attracting referrals, and not on the actual earnings in a particular project. About making money! Many users manage to reach a passive income of 100 to 3,000 $ per day or more! Of course, this takes time, but it is possible! Who does not know, it is possible to attract users through a referral link, it looks like this: Referral link – an example. As a result, the whole process of earning money on referral programs is as follows: Register with an affiliate program in a project; Get a referral link; Distribute it on the Internet; Earn money !? And where can you attract referrals? Not one article has been written on this topic on the Internet! There are many options for attracting referrals; the most popular ones are: social networks; forums; comments on sites; channel on YouTube; own site. The easiest way is to simply recommend this or that project to your friends through social networks. It is important to note that you need to recommend only reliable and proven projects – in this case, and you will earn good money and your referrals. The most important advantage of this type of income is that you will receive referral fees in a passive mode, i.e. on the machine.

 9: Earnings on games A modern way to earn newcomers is online games. Every year their popularity is growing rapidly – according to statistics, every second Internet user plays at least one game. The developers themselves earn millions and even billions of dollars from their games and provide an excellent opportunity for players to earn tens and hundreds of thousands of $. One of these opportunities is earnings on affiliate programs, for example, by inviting just one user to an online game, you can earn up to 200-400 $. If you invite 5 active players per day, your earnings will be about 1,200 $. The second possibility is to earn money by pumping characters in the game, reaching levels, purchasing various artifacts and selling them. Except this Go, you can sell and accounts in games, while not for small money – buyers will always be there. Another option for making money is to create your own channel on YouTube about a popular game, and in this case you need to record various reviews, game passing, streaming, interesting game chips, etc. For example, Amway921, which created a channel about the popular game World of Tanks, has more than a million subscribers and earns at least 150-300 thousand $ a month. In addition to the above methods – there is another very popular. It refers to online games with the ability to display real money. You can read more about them in the article “Earnings on games with a withdrawal of money.” Among these games is one of the most famous games not only in Russia but throughout the world – Money Birds. The project has been operating since 2014. The idea of ​​the game is to acquire birds, the more of them, the more you will earn. Each bird exists for 110 days and during this time it carries eggs – a certain amount per hour. They are stored and collected in stock. By selling eggs, you get game currency – silver, which you can invest in new birds to increase earnings or transfer to your e-wallet. After registering on the site, you will receive a bonus of 1000 silver for free. You can spend it on buying birds. In addition, the game provides free daily bonuses of up to 150 silver. But you can really make a lot of money by investing your own investments and attracting referrals to the game. Sometimes there are even people who daily withdraw 1-4 thousand $. In a month it turns out not quite bad – up to 30-120 thousand $ in a simple game!

10: Making Money on Comments Another effective way to get money online is to write comments and feedback. There may be several customers for such services: those otzoviki, who want to make their resource popular, pay for the amount of impressions about the service / product to the author, online stores (services, websites – advertisers in general) who are interested in building a positive reputation, order writing feedback on service, delivery, product …. The whole point is to write a high-quality comment / feedback and get either a lump sum payment or charges depending on its viewing. Below are two modern services that allow you to earn on it. Qcomment – mainly exchange comments and reviews, but also provides an opportunity to make money on forums, social networks, video views. In addition to money for completed tasks, you will receive points that will increase your rank. The more tasks you complete, the greater your rank becomes. And the higher the rank, the more you will receive expensive tasks. The cost of a job depends on its complexity, your rank and amount of work. Speaking in numbers, one task will bring you from 2 $. up to 46 $ For example, now Qcomment has tasks for more than 1.5 million $. Register here! More information about the project can be found in the following video: The second resource – In fact, this is a large otzovik, on which reviews are written about everything that one can only imagine: products, companies, services, websites, hotels, parks, tours, etc. You will need to earn money: Sign up Write useful reviews of at least 0.5 thousand characters, preferably with pictures. Earn on views of your review. You can earn about 60 $ per thousand impressions of a review. If daily your reviews will gain at least 5,000 impressions, then your income will be about 300 $. daily. Another caveat – your revenue from reviews reviews will increase with an increase in your rating in the system. To grow rating, you need to often write quality reviews.

11: Earnings on simple tasks Despite the large variety of projects that allow you to earn on simple tasks, there are 2 more resources that deserve your attention. Work-Zilla is one of the best solutions for beginners who plan to start making money on the Internet from scratch. There are a large number of tasks that do not require you to have a great knowledge and special skills. For example, among them: type text, register accounts, leave feedback, translate sound into text and others. But if you have any skills, especially in the field of online advertising, programming or design, then this will be a big plus, since in this case you will be able to perform more difficult and highly paid tasks. Briefly the benefits of the VorkZilla exchange are presented below in the picture: To begin with, however, like everywhere else, you need to register on the resource. Further, in order to take orders, it is required to pass a simple test, by the way, the answers to them are already on the Internet, so this is not a problem. According to statistics, beginners perform approximately 25% of all available tasks on this resource. If you work at Work-Sill from time to time, performing only 5 tasks a week, you can earn up to 3,000 $. About 12,000 $ a month comes out. For extra money just right. Register here! Advego is a unique resource where you can earn not only on writing short articles, but also on performing all sorts of simple tasks. For example, go to a specific site (page on the social network) and stay on the site for 1-2 minutes. You can also make money on writing reviews, likes, joining groups, posting on forums with a link and much more.

12: Earnings on file sharing Sure, few people know about this option of making money on the Internet. Although he is able to bring you a very substantial income. First, let’s understand what is file sharing? File sharing is a resource where you can download many different files (movies, books, videos, music, etc.). The source of income for file sharing services is the advertisements on the site, which, when downloaded for free, are viewed by the user and the sale of tariff plans that allow you to download files at maximum speed and no ads. But how to make a newcomer? The fact is that all file sharing services are ready to share their profits with those who will upload files to them and distribute links to them on the Internet. For example, a large file sharing service pays up to $ 10 for 1000 file downloads. All you need is to simply search for popular files, upload them to the file sharing system and distribute the link to them for free on forums, blogs, social networks, in comments, under videos, etc. For example, those who began to work professionally with file hosting services earn up to 200-300 thousand $ every month. But even beginners can earn from scratch for the first time 10-20 thousand $. Here are some more popular file hosting services for earnings: Letitbit, Vip-File and Turbobit. To earn a lot, the best thing is to create your own website. Free it can be done for example on uCoz with the help of site builder. Further, with the help of the service, you can select popular keywords for which to make short posts with the corresponding link.

 13: Earnings on viewing ads Would you like to make money without investing without doing anything? If yes, then this method is for you! Nothing complicated – everything is just disgraceful! All that is required of you is to install the extension in your browser, which will unobtrusively show you ads when browsing various sites. You will not need to make even any clicks, just passively always receive income from this. For each viewing you will be credited with money, which in the end you can withdraw to your wallet. Of course, you should not count on big money, but you can earn around 1000 $ a month. The more often you use the Internet and view information on your favorite sites, the more you will earn. Consider 2 resources for earnings on advertising views. is the most popular service in its niche, which thousands of people already earn. You will only be shown a banner at the top of the site. SurfEarner Earn Money Step-by-Step Guide: Go through a simple registration Download the plugin and automatically install it Go to the browser, browse sites and earn! Also it is necessary to take into account that the higher your rating will be, the greater will be your profit; for this, more and more browse the Internet. is another similar large resource, on which about 140 thousand users are registered. The scheme of work is the same: Go through registration. Install an extension for your browser. Browse websites and earn money. You can withdraw money by earning only 30 $.

14: Earnings on photos Many newcomers do not even suspect that you can make good money on the Internet in photos. This method is suitable for lovers of photographing landscapes, things, animals … or creating pictures using Photoshop. These pictures and photos can be sold on special photo banks, the so-called large aggregators of unique and high-quality images / photos. It is better to use for these purposes several and mostly English-speaking services. For one photo you can earn from 50 to 600 $. You should start by making as many as possible according to the number of unique pictures and photos. Next, register on the following photo banks and upload your photos there: It is worth noting that professional photographers and photo shoppers earn a lot of money on this. Part 2: Kaz to earn a newbie on the Internet at home – advanced ways Here we look at the more advanced and profitable ways to make money for beginners. Yes, in some cases, you will need more time and effort to create a source of income for yourself in the ways described below. But you will earn much more!


15: How to make money on a binary options for a beginner. Binary options are a kind of financial assets (stocks, currencies, world goods, indices), with a very high yield of up to 95%. They are divided into 2 types: put (the price goes down) and call (the price goes up). Speaking in simple terms, the whole point is to follow a certain strategy and make correct predictions of the price movement of an asset. How much can you earn them? This is an effective way to make money online quickly. For example, in accordance with your strategy, you predicted that the ruble exchange rate against the dollar would go down relative to the current situation and invested 1,000 $ in it. Your prediction came true and your net profit was 900 $ for 2 minutes (depending on the option interval you selected). The following 3 key components are important for successful earning: Trading strategy Money management Choosing a reliable company for trading 1. A trading strategy is a set of rules for buying or selling an asset, that is, the most important point is the moment of opening a transaction. Many people treat binary options as casino bets and it is no wonder that they are losing money. To earn you need to treat this as a business and act according to a certain strategy. In this case, you can achieve guaranteed success. I can recommend you a proven and working strategy called “Scalping”, which I use myself. It is quite simple and understandable even for beginners, but it still remains no less effective. You can learn more about it in the video: 2. Money management is another equally important point that newcomers should learn. Money management is about determining the amount you are willing to trade. Suppose your account size is 5 thousand $. To risk in each transaction, you should not more than 5-10% of your deposit – that is, the maximum possible rate in this case is 500 $. No need to risk everything at once, have patience and constantly increase your income. 3. The choice of a reliable company for trade – the final element on the path to successful trading. It is important that the broker is a reliable company and comply with all international and Russian regulations. And also had the appropriate license to conduct financial activities. In addition to reliability, the broker must also present requirements in terms of convenience and profitability of trade. In addition, it is ideal for beginners, since the amount of the transaction here starts from only 30 $, which is an affordable option for everyone. In addition, without any investments you can start trading on demo accounts, and then go to a real account.

16: How to make money in Forex for a beginner. If you earn a fixed amount of 80-90% of the invested money on binary options, assuming that the price will be higher or lower than the current one in some time, Forex and the stock market are slightly different. Here, not only the position of the price relative to the entry point into the market, but also its change, as the more the price has changed, the more you can earn on it. The whole point can be expressed in the following phrase: Buy cheaper, sell more expensive. Or, on the contrary, it is expensive to sell at first, and then it is cheaper to buy an asset. Trading on Forex and the stock market your income may be 2-3 times greater than the risk in the transaction. Strategies to trade currencies and securities even more than binary options. However, here you can successfully use the same strategy of “Scalping”. You may have already watched the above video about this strategy. But nevertheless, to make it clear, I will show with a real example: Example of earning on Forex and the stock market The resistance level is conducted through 2 points of maximums, and the level of support through 2 points of minimums. The points through which the levels are drawn in the figure are indicated by gray rectangles. Buy zones are marked with green rectangles at the level of the support line. Accordingly, should be sold near the level of resistance (red rectangles). Thus, here we could conclude 5 very profitable transactions (3 sales and 2 purchases) and make good money on this. However, do not forget, as in the previous case, about money management – you should not risk more than 5-10% of the entire deposit in one transaction. Talking about the exact numbers, how much money can be earned on this is difficult. However, there are people who earn even hundreds of thousands of $, and millions and tens of millions in these markets. Practically once having learned how to make money on forex and promotions, your profit will be practically unlimited. Regarding the choice of broker, I recommend choosing proven ones, for example, RoboForex or Alpari.


17: How to make money for a newbie on copywriting A fairly traditional and popular way for newbies to make money without investing is writing articles on various topics. It is better, of course, to choose those topics that are closer to you and in which you are more or less oriented. Basically, articles are required for site owners, for this they order them on special exchanges (below I will list 3 of the most famous). Fulfilling orders for writing articles you can earn from 10 000 to 150 000 $ per month. I myself earned it for a while! There are 2 types of writing articles – this is copywriting and rewriting. Rewrite is usually given much easier for beginners, since here it is only necessary to set out the text in your own words, it is usually not necessary to add anything from yourself. Copywriting also provides a deeper knowledge of the topic and is better suited for those who already have initial experience. Payment of articles occurs depending on their volume, i.e. number of characters in the text. So the average payment for rewriting is 30 $ per 1000 characters, and for copywriting, 45 $ for the same 1000 characters. Although the final price also depends on the complexity of writing the article and the requirements for it. It can even reach 200 $ per 1000 characters. Here, as promised, on these exchanges you can start working and earning: is one of the largest in Russia in writing articles. Orders are just a lot. Even a novice can pick a suitable order. I myself sometimes order articles here. is the exchange I started working with. For beginners also fits perfectly. is more suitable for advanced copywriters and rewriters, since the requirements here are much higher, respectively, and the payment for the articles is much higher. All that is required is to register, select an order, execute it at a specified time and send it to the customer for verification. After checking it, the money will be automatically credited to your account. You can literally bring them to your wallet on the very same day.

 18: Earnings on freelancing Freelance is a broader term, which essentially means remote work on the Internet and in addition to copywriting / rewriting includes a large number of other areas for earnings. One of the main and major areas is the development of sites, applications (programming); development of logos, images (design); development of online advertising campaigns. In addition, you can find more simple tasks that do not require special skills. Although in the Internet age on various videos it will not be difficult to learn one of the above professions and to provide yourself with earnings for a long time. Personal experience For example, this is how I learned to make advertising on Yandex Direct and Google Advances and earned about 20–40 thousand $ a month on average, spending 3-5 hours per day. Recently, one very interesting freelance exchange has appeared – called It also has a fairly large number of areas of work. Here, all freelancing services are offered for a fixed price of 500 $. So performing even one simple order per day you are guaranteed to earn 15,000 $ per month. To work on it, you will need to register, create a block (ad), receive an application from a customer, complete an order, and receive money. Here are a couple of major freelance exchanges where you can easily find a job:


19: How to make money on your website This is probably one of the best ways to make money for beginners. If you are not familiar with the creation of sites, you might think that this requires technical skills. This is not entirely true. A simple website can even be created using designers for free (for example, uCoz). You can also create a blog for free on various platforms, for example on Livejournal. In these cases, you will have your website absolutely no investment from scratch and you will not need any technical skills. Another option is to create your own full-fledged website on the WordPress or Joomla platform. The site itself really create in 1-3 days. In this case, you also do not need to be a programmer, but you should have basic concepts and knowledge: what is a domain, hosting, plugin …? That is, you can always learn this in the course. All your cash costs can be about 200 $: the cost of hosting is 120 $ per month. and domain 80 $. Not such a big amount, even a beginner can find it! After the foundation of the site is ready, the key point is writing and publishing articles. The more you have on your site, the more visitors from search engines you will receive. Accordingly, the greater will be the income. On ways to monetize (income from the site), we now talk. Income can be obtained in a large number of ways, but the main and most effective are: Advertising from Adsens and Direct. Adsense and Direct are large intermediaries between advertisers and site owners (webmasters). In order to earn income, you just need to install a special code on the page of your site and advertising will automatically be shown to visitors. For each click you will receive passive income. Adsense you can install, even if the site has only 10 visitors. Affiliate programs – their essence is simple: for the recommendation of goods, services, services, etc. you will receive a portion of the profits. Advertising from direct advertisers is the most profitable way to monetize a site, since an advertiser directly without intermediaries pays you for advertising on a site. In conclusion, the topic of earnings on the site, I would like to say that webmasters can earn from 10,000 to 1-3 million $ on their site, depending on its attendance and topics.

20: How to make money on affiliate programs for a newbie. We have already partially talked about this method of earning, and now we will understand everything in more detail. Affiliate programs are various products, games, applications, services, services that have their own affiliate program and allow you to receive a portion of the commission (on average 10-70%) of a specific user action (purchase, download, registration, etc.). You can receive money both with your website and without it. How much will earn on affiliate? With your website you can earn from 30 000 to 300 000 $. But even without a site, beginners can earn 5,000-20,000 $ in the first month. What you need to earn affiliate programs? Here is a brief instruction: find affiliate programs that suit you (I will give a list of sites below) to get an affiliate link (you can in your personal account) distribute this link (on your website, blogs, forums, in social networks, etc.) to earn income and withdraw it to your wallet The most popular sites where you can find affiliate programs in various fields of activity are: А In addition, affiliate programs are available on almost every site of medium-large businesses on the Internet, in order to find out about her lane , locate the section “Affiliate Programs”.


21: How to make money on Avito for a beginner Avito is the largest platform on the Internet with millions of visitors every day, where a huge amount of goods and services are sold / bought. For many businesses, Avito is an important sales channel, if not the main one. The most remarkable thing is that even beginners can start earning well here from scratch and without investing. On Avito you can really earn from 15,000 to 150,000 a month. Personally, I managed to earn 40-50 thousand only on Avito. I will list only the main (white) ways of earning on Avito: Selling our old things. Selling new goods. Providing services. Finding customers and partnerships (lead generation).

 1. Selling our own things. . They just lie, take up space and gather dust. So why not sell them, since we do not use them? Think and see what you do not need for a long time and submit free ads on Avito. Believe there will surely be people who will buy it all from you. Underestimate this option, it can bring you a significant amount of money, albeit one-time!

 2. Sale of new products is a popular trend, which is gaining momentum every day. Go to Avito and evaluate which product groups are gaining the most views. Traditionally, this is electronics (especially telephones) and various things. Pay special attention to various new items. I want to give a real example so that you can clearly and clearly understand how it is possible to “make” money on Avito with little or no investment. An example of the sale of tablets on Avito This is a real example of a familiar person who places free ads for the sale of tablets in St. Petersburg. When a client is located, he makes an appointment with him on the market. For 10-15 minutes, he came to the same market, bought the necessary tablet there at the wholesale price, met with the client and sold it for 1000-1500 more. So he manages to earn 60-100 thousand on a monthly basis, especially without straining. Now he even hired a man who gives ads for him and meets with clients for sale.

3. Provision of services – here I think, and so everything is clear to you: if you know how to do something, you can place an advertisement about your services on Avito and get clients for free. As I wrote in more than one article, I earned so much from setting up advertising on the Internet Yandex Direct and Google AdSense.

 4. Customer search and partnership. In this case, you will need to first find a partner, i.e. a person who is already selling certain products or providing services. You don’t need to go far, you can find it on Avito or search through the search engines on the Internet. Next, you need to agree that you will look for clients for him, and he will pay you for a certain amount of the cost of the goods / services. The final step is to submit ads, transfer customer contact information to your partner and receive money from him. Here I have not even touched such lucrative niches as the sale of real estate and cars. I will definitely write about this in a separate article. 4. Why it is not possible to earn a lot on the Internet for beginners Many newbies face some difficulties on the Internet and make mistakes that make it difficult to make decent money on the Internet. One of the most important reasons for failure is that beginners do not know what to do and in which direction to go. It is for these purposes that I created the site, in order to show with my own experience and examples how you can really make money on the Internet. Tip If you have already chosen a way of earning that suits you, then start to act and work. Do not wait for anyone and do not postpone, act now. As in any business, perseverance and constant work on your part is important here – only in this way people achieve results. Here I can recommend an article to you – how to achieve success in life, where real practical strategies are described that helped me and help you achieve your goals. If you have not yet decided, then read the articles on the Internet, watch the video – in general, look for your version of earnings, you will definitely find it! The key problem, which in most cases prevents you from making money on the Internet, is banal laziness (for me it was a real problem). Even if you do not have the skills, experience, skills, then in this case, you can start earning simple tasks. And as you gain experience and develop certain skills in yourself, you can move on to more complex ones and increase your income from the Internet. Because only losers and lazy people say that making good money on the Internet is unrealistic and very difficult. Such people usually believed that without any effort and labor, you could row money with a shovel from the Internet, but then got disappointed not finding such a way. For myself, I presented the formula for success on the Internet in the following form: Decide how to make money Develop a plan (what and how much is needed do daily) Work hard and see what can be improved Do not forget about rest Get results Look for ways to increase income Generate sources of passive income Perhaps for many I did not say anything new, but this is what makes people independent in terms of freedom and finances. It’s not so easy to follow this formula, but the result will not be long in coming.


5. The golden rules of earnings in the Internet Now you know the formula for success on the Internet, it will allow you to receive income from the Internet. But in order to truly become rich and reach a passive income, in addition to it, I advise you to use the following 3 simple rules: Rule number 1: Choose a business for the soul This is a very important rule. I checked it on myself. Several years ago I was engaged in an unloved business and as a result I came to the conclusion that I closed it, although it consistently brought good money, but did not bring moral satisfaction. Remember: Do what you like and what your soul is about, then you will be both happy and rich! Rule number 2: Plan your income and set aside part of your earnings. Be sure to plan how much you will earn this month and how much of this money you will set aside. Many people not only spend everything they earn, but also take loans and credits. To become independent and rich, set aside at least 10 percent of your income! Rule number 3: Multiply money and create a passive income The key rule of any rich person is to work not for money, but for money to work for you. Invest in projects, business, real estate, stocks – in general, everything that brings passive income. If you still do not have much experience in this, then start with a deposit in the bank. So you will receive at least a small percentage, but guaranteed. 6. Real reviews of those who are already making money on the Internet. I think that you have already seen that it is quite possible to make money on the Internet to a beginner without investments from scratch. So that you will finally be convinced of this, I will provide reviews of real people who already earn money on the Internet. Reviews are taken from the forum – zarabotok-forum. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to provide feedback on all methods due to the limited nature of the article, but I will bring 5 reviews on various areas of earnings to your attention. Here is a tip about making money on watching commercials. To earn a lot here you need to use an affiliate program and attract referrals:

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