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How to Make Money online, here are the 35 best ideas.

How to Make Money online, here are the 35 best ideas.

In life you have to have an extra gear: a brilliant idea, a stroke of luck, the ability to do something better and better than others. How to make money? Here are 35 ways to go to look for a small savings, an additional income or, at best, a real breakthrough

It’s hard to get rich just by working. The money makes them who invents a site or a successful business, who wins the lottery or triumphs in a reality show.
We need to create a business, ride a wave, respond to a need, sense a niche, have courage and luck. And dare.

35 ways on how to make money and earn money online

Beware of those who promise “miraculous methods” or “infallible recipes” on how to make money quickly, especially on the Internet.
The World Network is a great showcase as well as an opportunity for growth and visibility. But from this to believe that we use it as a money multiplier, we run it. Just think of the effort that information sites are making to pay for their contents or sell advertising spaces. Then look at the gurus, the smoky affiliation projects, the ready-made solutions for an immediate wealth.

It is also true, however, that sometimes earnings are at your fingertips. Of course, you have to have an extra gear. We tried to trace some way to go in order to look for an additional income or, at best, a change of life.

1. It turns the world into 80 businesses.

From finance, to travel, to TV. Conor Woodman, 36, an Irishman, worked as a financial advisor in the City of London, but was not happy.

So he started traveling. And he discovered that many people lived by trading and exchanging local products.  Who knows if what I have learned can serve me to earn my living like this? “.

I went back to London, I sold my house, I proposed the report of my travels to a TV channel, Channel 4, which gave me the ok. And I left. With 25 thousand pounds (30 thousand euros), my savings »he told in an interview.

After passing through Sudan, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, India, Kyrgyzstan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan is back with double capital.
The most significant gains? He made them with wine and tea. And now? “I will not go back to finance. I wrote a book and as soon as I can, I leave. I’ll take a product and sell it back. ”

2. Earn on foreign exchange.

«A risky investment, but with large windows of profitability? Operate on foreign exchange. It is fundamental, however, to carefully choose the intermediaries we are entrusted with, “warned M.R., a financial consultant. On the other hand, the Internet allows do-it-yourself.

On line there are introductory contents on the Forex market, the currency trade. And there is also the possibility to open a demo account , that is to do some simulations, before putting “real money” on us.
An economic-financial background is preferable, but not fundamental. It seems that more than the technique, the psychology counts. A course is recommended (investment on 1,000 euros).

When you feel ready, you can start with a capital of 2,000-3,000 euros and the right software. Experts advise avoiding small markets, focusing on big ones and putting a ceiling on risk.

3. Take home at auction
Buying houses at real estate auctions is worthwhile. «Rely on the support of professionals. The auctions represent a less transparent market than the free market, due to the difficulty in correctly viewing the property and the greater complexity of the mechanism. For this reason it is possible to buy at lower prices »explains teacher Giacomo Morri.

4. Go to class by the rich.

From the book Father rich poor father. What the rich teach the children about money, Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter (Gribaudi, 12.50 euros), a series of observations and advice on how to make money.

The statement “I can not afford it” paralyzes the brain. The question “how can I afford it?” Puts it into action.
Financial education is powerful.
Do not blame others for their financial situation. Questioning.
The rich work for fun, and do not think about how to make money.
In economic matters, we need to use emotions to think, not to think pushed by emotions.
Do not immobilize all the capital in the house where you live.
Limit unnecessary expenses. The rich buy luxury goods as the last thing, the middle class as before.
Investing in “real assets”: business that does not require presence, financial securities, real estate, copyright on works of genius (books, screenplays, music, patents …).
Finding for alternative financing to banks.
Always look for new opportunities. When a deal is on the front page, it’s already too late to activate.

5. invents an app.

It is more and more iPhone and iPad mania. Half of the customers attack the Apple store, to procure all possible and imaginable applications. From games to useful services, from photo editing to kitchen recipes, from children’s entertainment to reminders. The applications can be purchased reach the 250 thousand, some are free, others have a low cost of 10 dollars.

The Apple store holds 30% of the price, the rest goes to the designer. Small figures, which allow you to make the leap. Such as? Inventing something new, useful and original. Some suggestions on: Developing applications for the iPad, by D. Steinberg and E. Freeman (Apogeo, 25 euros); Programming applications for iPhone and iPad, by Francesco Novelli (Fag, € 25.90).

6. try with a quiz.

«35 thousand euros for 10 minutes on TV!» It will also happen to us to make a comment like that. In fact, in pre-formal quizzes it may seem easy to go three-four answers and bring home a decent sum. “But the selection phase is long.

I tried with Who wants to be a millionaire. First I called, supporting a telephone test. Then I was invited to a first selection. So to a second one, which included the video test. They choose you if you are telegenic and casual, as well as prepared.

In my case it seemed to have been made, but a year has passed and I have not heard anyone, “explains Mario Trimarchi from Como. On the other hand, whoever is called must take into account the trip and the wait (it is not said that you play, at the end).

It is true that you receive a reimbursement of expenses, but no one reimburses for the lost time. Not to mention that the sums won on TV should be reduced by 20% (withholding tax).

The commercial TV, then, pay in gold coins (and a further 3.5% is lost in the conversion into euros). A new opportunity is offered by the quiz One above all: just be in the right place at the right time to win € 50,000 (on Sky One, conducted by Marco Berry).

how to make money online
7. live annuity at 30 years
Bring a safe salary home without lifting a finger. Having a certain income, in the absence of paid employment. To make money work for us, in short. Living with rent: a dream of many and the privilege of a few.

What initial capital do you need? Millionaire asked Claudio Grossi, partner of Progetica, a consulting firm specialized in personal financial planning . «You have to evaluate: the age of the investor, the risk profile and the amount of the pension.

Based on the risk, we hypothesized three profiles: defensive (maximum potential loss within 5%), balanced (within 15%) and aggressive (within 25%). The hypothesized annuity is of 18 thousand euros a year, at constant purchasing power ».

For a 30 year old, 500 thousand euros are needed in a defensive, 390 thousand euros in a balanced and 343 thousand in an aggressive. “There is a proportionality between rent and initial capital. To have a euro of income with a constant purchasing power up to “average life”, as risk appetite increases, we need 28, 22 and 19 euros, “explains Grossi.

8. spring the city.

Everything is more expensive in the city. Not only that, you are more subject to the syndrome of consumerism, which drives to multiply needs and desires. A solution? Going to live in the province and / or in the countryside, where everything is easier, within reach and inexpensive.

To read: Escape from the city. Practical manual of downshifting, de-growth, self-production, by Grazia Cacciola (Fag, € 16.90).

9. there are those who are guinea pigs.

Have experimental drugs tested? Who decides to be healthy is moved by one goal: how to make money. Millionaire spoke about it recently: in Italy you can bring home up to 1,500 euros for experimentation, in Switzerland 1,200 for a weekend, in England up to 3,000. Many guinea pigs do this profession, but the law says that you have to wait at least three months between experimentation (to “cleanse” the body). The risks are concrete.

10. house: rent to students and managers.

The purchase price of two and three-room apartments is down (-0.4% and -0.2%), but the cutting of these apartments remains in great demand. “Renting to the students, the owners have a gross yield of around 5%, a little more in the provincial cities like Perugia and Padua, a little less in Milan and Rome,” says Tecnocasa. If you want to turn the rent from good to excellent, you can rent a week or even shorter periods. The ideal target is represented by high-level people, expensed by the company (managers, models, touring artists …). It is essential that the apartment is located in very central areas and has high-level options. The dimensions are less important.

11. Write a book of one million copies.

In a country where only 13% of the population read at least one book a month, aspiring writers abound. Those who think that a novel is enough to “turn”.

It is titled just How to sell a million copies and live happily (Mondadori, 19 euros) the novel by the literary critic Antonio D’Orrico, one of the few, in Italy, to be able to decree the success of an author.

The authors who live only on this are counted on the fingers of one hand. Giorgio Faletti is one of these (in the photos, the cover of his last book).

All the others, continue to play the first profession (journalist, teacher, doctor …) and with writing more the ego of the portfolio.

To do it, a PC is enough, an idea and an unshakable constancy. But what is the recipe for success? “Does not exist. Publishers can focus on a good editorial marketing, but in the end they are the readers who decide »assures Luca Crovi, conductor of All the colors of yellow.

12. make an appearance in the cinema or on TV.

It’s less easy than expected.  And that is, close to big sets, big cities or those where soap or fiction with long seriality turn. The earnings are quite modest (50-100 euros per day). Be wary of those who offer fabulous opportunities.

13. try your luck.

Lottery, Superenalotto, Win for life, Scratch card: what are the odds of becoming “Scrooge” with the blindfolded goddess of state? Negligible. A SuperEnalotto jackpot is hit once every 622 million (and only 35% of the bets return to the players in terms of winnings). To win the 4 thousand euro income per month with Win for life, you should play the beauty of over three and a half million combinations (one euro each). In short, the odds are always in favor of the “bank” and the prize money only a portion of the amounts played. In short, do not put too much hope. And if you win? The small winnings are immediately redeemed, for large ones it can take up to three months. Strange but true: no one has claimed the first prize of 2009 equal to five million euros!

14. transferred to handyman.

We hear more and more often talk about wealthy elderly people who leave all their belongings to puppies, political parties, caregivers, charitable foundations. What does it mean? That the children had eclipsed, the relatives had not even called for Christmas greetings. So why not offer as handymen helpers of ladies and gentlemen in there over the years? The small services (shopping, picking up the clothes in the laundry, accompanying visits or to the cinema, reading or preparing meals at home) will certainly be well paid. And who knows if we do not miss a quote in the will …

15. lamèntati

Defective products? Unfriendly business staff? Unsatisfactory service? We often do not want, time, skills and bargaining power to make a complaint. Those who “claim well” are few but have excellent chances to be satisfied. Bringing home “reparations” that are often well above the damage suffered. An example? Once a consumer complained to the courtesy service of Garofalo pasta for incorrect cooking times indicated on the package. In return he received 20 packages of (excellent) pasta. Not to mention that manager who protested for a pair of branded shoes that “hurt” and saw another brand-new one delivered. Here the decalogue of the perfect claim.

Never contact the Green Numbers, the employees have no power of decision.
Writing your complaint by e-mail is free and fast. By post you can attach “evidence” (wraps, receipts …).
Explain clearly what happened, using a polite but firm tone.
Suggest that you would like something like compensation for the damage suffered.
To mention possible moves in case you do not receive a reply (contact the consumer associations, for example).
Emphasize touching elements (disappointed children, damaged elderly people, gifts not arrived on time …).
Give your readiness to provide further details and / or evidence of the incident.
Kindly greet, emphasizing the contrast between the fame and prestige of the company and the unfortunate episode.
Indicate your telephone, postal and e-mail addresses.
If you receive an answer, thank you.
If you do not receive anything, send a second letter.

16. point on the pop economy.

Do not buy, share. Down with the property, long live the rental. Do not sleep in the hotel, but at a friend’s house. Leave the car and go by bike. Goodbye supermarket, the better the Gas (joint purchasing groups). Pop economy, the popular economy, is the future. And it allows you to spend less (and savings is the first form of income), living better.

17. thrown into the sale.

Salesman profession: keep going door to door. Only the companies affiliated to the newborn Univendita association ( provide 5,000 new job opportunities in 2011. Leading the personnel requests Tupperware and Vorwerk Folletto. Also useful is the reference of the other trade association, the historic Avedisco, direct sales association:

18. Do business with Facebook and Twitter.

The main social networks are realities that ignore is increasingly difficult, in any context. Facebook has 500 million users worldwide (over 17 in Italy). Twitter is at 30 million, of which a small part in Italy (but the figure is growing rapidly). With audiences like that, how can we not think of doing business? Thought is lawful, but must be put into practice with caution. Because on Facebook and Twitter the social aspect is still predominant and the commercial aspect is seen almost with annoyance. In promoting yourself and your products you risk making an own goal. So yes to use it as a support, no to consider it a separate business space. To read: 100% Twitter. Communicate, create relationships, have fun, by Luca Conti (Hoepli, € 12.90) and, by the same author, Do business with Facebook (Hoepli, € 22.90).

19. Live income at the age of 40.

A life annuity? Based on the average life span (86 years for men), Progetica calculated that a 40 year old needs a pension for 46 years. «The simulation takes into account the” life cycle “method: as resources are approached, the less risky components of the investment (monetary and bond) grow”, explains Claudio Grossi. To have 18 thousand euros a year, a prudent 40 year-old should have an initial capital of 466 thousand euros, a balanced one of 376 thousand and one who loves the risk of 334 thousand.

20. Spring everything and change life.

After the success of Now enough. Leave work and change your life, Simone Perotti returns to the bookshop, the manager who left Milan and a job overpaid to pursue his passions. It’s fresh to print all over. Manifesto for an individual revolution (Chiarelettere, 14 euros).

How is your downshifter adventure going?

“Life out here is wonderful. I am discovering the hardness and possibilities of freedom. They are many, one way and another. Fans will be sedated a little with cues of a rough reality, while skeptics will have to admit that it’s worth it. In this age, if we want to live authentically, we need to be men in revolt ».

Discoveries and surprises of this period?

“I discovered that the planned budget was twice what I really need to live. A great revelation! I also understood that living in an eternal Saturday has its hardships, which must be calculated. Monday is a great slavery, but being happy without experiencing it is no small thing. ”

Would you come back?

“Today I do what I was born to, write and surf. I face all the hardships of life with a light spirit. I do not have to account to anyone anymore. This is not contentment. It’s something else! ”

21. Enter a talent show.

Can you sing, dance, act? Go on TV and you’ll have a renowned accelerator. Not to mention the ability to get you noticed by the public and professionals, popping a contract with several zeros with major record companies. The first bitter morsel is statistic: one in a thousand makes it. The second concerns the winners: a final success is no guarantee of anything (who do you remember the Aram Quartet, winner of the first edition of X Factor?). The fact remains that TV talent shows remain an excellent opportunity.

To read the book Talent shop. From talent scouts to talent shows, by Roberto Manfredi, Arcana, 16 euros.

22. brick: focus on the commercial.

Which are the most promising sectors? «I would not recommend residential: it represents the segment that offers the least yield and at the same time a high risk of litigation with the tenant. It is better to invest in sales and offices »says Giacomo Morri, director of the real estate master’s degree at the SDA Bocconi (

Operative advice?

«Check carefully the properties with a thorough due diligence (analysis), on the building and on the tenant. Also, look for quality properties with long-term leases. No to investments in properties to be redeveloped ».

23. eye to poker.

“Among many games, poker is one of those in which the skill on how to play well and how to make good money has the greatest weight. For example, the ability to calculate probabilities and to decipher the psychological attitudes of the adversaries are very important.

But if you do not have good cards in hand, there is nothing to do! , author of the book Il baro al poker (New Equilibria, 20 euro). “There are poker players who do it professionally. But there is always the risk of not being able to stop at the right time.

When you win and make a lot of money, you often feel a sense of omnipotence that leads you to think that you will win forever. And the risk is to lose the gains of a lifetime in a moment.
The safest area is that of tournaments, but they have been banned in circles. Today, in Italy, you can only play in casinos or on the Internet. The network has many question marks. Many sites are serious and safe, but there are no certainties.
Who tells us that those are our cards? And that the other players can not see them? Not to mention the software that spy on our computer: in theory so that we do not cheat, in practice violating our privacy ».
To read also: Poker business. How to turn a hobby into an empire, by Dusty Schmidt and Scott Brown, Boogaloo Publishing (Poker series), 30 euros; At poker school (with DVD), various authors, Sperling & Kupfer, € 19.90; Poker, by Riccardo Meggiato, Apogeo, 9.90 euros.

24. takes advantage of a reality show.

Of the hundreds of boys who have passed through the Big Brother house, only a dozen trace remains. Beyond the final prize (250 thousand euros), those taking part look for a showcase, a moment of visibility. But if you do not know how to do anything, the notoriety passes. Luca Argentero, a “gieffino” who was honored, told Millionaire: “The promised revenue, between hosted and media-driven, was enticing. Once out, I had many opportunities. But at that point I started to study ».

25. is rich, the groom (and kill him)?

Paraphrasing the title of an old film in which Walter Matthau marries a woman rich only in interest, plans to kill her and then falls in love with her, can you suggest a wedding of interest? Morally the answer is no.

But cynically, why not? In New York, Lisa Johnson organized the “How to marry a millionaire” course (ie how to marry a millionaire, in this case the inspiration comes from the film with Marilyn Monroe). A very fashionable theme, given the success of the TV program on air on Fox Life.
Any advice from Johnson? Never live more than 16 blocks away from the money, take care of your appearance, attend the most important places, invest in perfect diction, always have in mind the ultimate goal: marriage.

26. distribute an innovative product.

Cristiano Faenza, 35, distributor of the Life Wave patches, says: «I am a law graduate with a master’s degree in Business Management. I worked in a facilitated finance company, but I was looking for an activity that would give me more satisfaction.

They spoke enthusiastically about these patches and I wanted to try them. I had already experienced pranotherapy and verified its energy potential. There are various types.
Against pain, insomnia, for controlling appetite and increasing energy. Lately, especially the purifying and detoxifying ones are strong. I joined the network in March 2009.
I began to make myself known by word of mouth, but it is thanks to the Internet that I have achieved the best results. Today I have about seventy distributors under me and I bring home a normal salary. We speak with difficulty of earnings, not to feed false expectations.
But let’s say that everything depends on your commitment and time dedicated to the activity. The packaging of Life Wave patches, which lasts about a month, costs 95-100 euros (the margins for the network are 20-40%) and the product is certified at European level.

27. uses the Web with a blog.

The Net offers endless possibilities. There are those who made money to create a blog, from which books were born but also rich earnings. Tiziano Fogliata, blogger, author of Create your blog with WordPress (Hoepli, 19.90 euros) gives his handbook of advice.

Choose a theme that you are passionate about. If the blog is personal, deal with it freely. If you have business purposes, choose a little debated topic.
Find out about Google keywords and focus on those in the text. The language always readable.
Offer news, updates, utilities. Do not copy. Think of a lineup of topics.
WordPress is the most popular platform. Choose a simple, clear and impacting interface.
Make the interactive dialogue. Reply promptly to comments, requests, comments.
Associate contextualized images to posts: add appeal. Put your picture too.
Create your own mailing list, which has a great commercial value. The newsletter should be suggested in a proactive way: do not “subscribe”, but “free news every month!”.
Also enter videos, podcasts, guides.
Keep an eye on the reactions of readers (which are the most read articles, clicked, shared on social networks) and treasure them.
To earn money: no to generalist blogs, yes to specific ones (photovoltaic energy). You can make direct agreements with companies or bet on Google Adsense: earnings from 5,000 users a day, for about 1,000 euros a month).

28. focus on real estate funds.

And for those who have investments with little money, but do not want to miss the opportunity on how to make money and want to bet on the brick? «There is an indirect investment in real estate funds, better if buying the shares on the stock exchange where they quote on average with a discount of 30% on the value of real estate, thus obtaining a higher yield, better diversification and no management problems. In this case the minimum size is in the order of hundreds of euros »explains Giacomo Morri.

To read: Real estate investment. Market, valuations, risk and portfolios (by M. Hoesli and G. Morri, Hoepli, € 29.90) and Real estate financing (by G. Morri and A. Mazza, Egea, € 38). On Excel models, slides and information on real estate funds, all freely available.

29. buy in Brazil, a growing country.

Those with substantial capital can follow Robert Kiyosaki’s advice and invest in assets that generate income. Real estate yes, but maybe abroad.
Explains Giacomo Morri, director of Sda Bocconi’s Master’s Degree in Real Estate: “Investment abroad involves greater management complexity, both for the distance and for the diversity in the market in terms of legislation and taxation.

How to make money …, I would suggest investing money in growing economies where there is a need for new properties. I would avoid markets in decline, even if prices seem convenient. Finally, pay attention to the exchange rate risk: the choice of an investment property must not be conditioned by an apparent exchange ratio, otherwise it would be better to invest directly in bonds “. Some ideas on:

Beware of offers too tempting. Privilege countries of which language and culture are known. One chance? Brazil, a fast growing country, which will host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Not only that, it is the country, among those of Bric (Brazil, Russia, India and China) more similar to Italy.

30. Do you become gigolos?
Tells G. M. of 41 years, Roman: “I started five years ago and I stopped this year, as a second job. Already I was a kind of ‘transgressive and libertine and then I said “why not earn something?”. Some female friends have advertised me on their site. So the first customers arrived: women and couples.

I am a beautiful presence, graduate. My rates started from 300 euros per night, depending on requests, excluding expenses. I have always said no to men. ” The actress Carolina Crescentini comments on the phenomenon of the girls who sell themselves on the Net: “There are so many. There are also manuals for those who start. Earnings 2,000 euros a month, the site is held 60% ».

31. Make the jump with YouTube.

How to make money with songs, sounds, performances, are you particularly interesting? Shoot videos (today it’s always easier and cheaper) and put them on YouTube. If you’re smart, you’ll be able to trigger virality. And the audience, more and more vast, can bring you audience and earnings. To read: Do business with YouTube. Online video marketing for everyone (by Michael Miller, Sperling & Kupfer, € 19.50).

32. live on a pension at the age of 50.

At 50, to live and have guaranteed € 18,000 per annum with constant purchasing power, we need a capital of between € 315 thousand (aggressive investor) and 417 thousand (prudent investor). And to get double? The capital grows in proportion and goes from 630 thousand to 834 thousand euros.  

33. points on the Exchange.

What are the titles of 2011? “The big American companies: Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Apple … And the dollar will stop falling, and then you can also earn on the exchange. With the futures it has become easy to cover the exchange risk as well. But we need to study »recommends Renato Di Lorenzo, author of How to earn on the stock exchange (Il Sole 24 Ore, 34 euro).

Products or areas to bet on?

«The Future (in the most modern form of the Cfd) and the options: how to make money and move important capital in part. Transaction costs are reduced. As for the areas, those who trade fast are oriented to stock market indices, currencies and commodities, because they are liquid and therefore the cost of transactions is low. Those who think about how to make money with position trading, that is to buy an action and keep it, are oriented towards China or America, which is the best place to put money “.

What are the worst investments?

“Bonds and bond funds that promise returns above government bonds are worse. No to investments in stocks that have fallen a lot and not even the titles too much recommended in the newspapers ». INFO:

34. becomes an online artisan.

Is not the dream of everyone transforming one’s hobby into a job? Someone succeeds. Many have to say thanks to, an American e-commerce platform invented in 2005 that we have already talked about.

The mechanism on how to make money is simple: with just a few clicks, a virtual shop opens to sell only 20-year-old handmade and vintage items. For each advert you pay 20 cents of dollar (15 euro cents) plus a 3.5% commission on each item sold, shipping costs are charged to the buyer.

On Etsy there are over 400 thousand sellers, of which about 1% are Italians. Knowledge of English is essential. Made in Italy is strong. Those who combine technical skills with marketing skills are successful.

Most sellers use Etsy to round off, but the cases of those who take home up to 6,000 euros (gross) per month are not uncommon. To find out more, you can download the Esty adventure guide for free on

35. Do the online trader.

Tell how to make money by doing the online trader Renato Di Lorenzo: “In London they often face challenges between managers and girls who randomly choose the titles. The girls win regularly. Managers who beat the stock indices on a continuous basis for years are rare flies: Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett … ».

And online trading?

“Also because of the crisis, and thanks to the fact that the markets are open until late, more and more people consider how to make money with online trading as a second job. We must study the techniques with commitment, as for any other activity. But you can train without risk, because most brokers allow you to do a trial period without real money. “


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