How to make money with a Facebook page.

How to make money with a Facebook page.

Facebook is the most used Social Network, many people spend a significant part of their time browsing links, pages, journals and everything that composes it.

We often dedicate articles to social media for this huge importance on the web stage. Today you can also earn with Facebook, taking advantage of the clicks of their contacts or of their fans if you intend to make money with a Facebook page. On a daily basis, Facebook users share links: these links are often clicked by those who view them. Do you know that you can be paid for every click you receive from your post?

Earn money with a Facebook page by sharing links and videos.

If your links reach daily hundreds or thousands of Facebook users you can monetize clicks thanks to various platforms that allow you to earn with Facebook for each click received from the links you share or based on other parameters depending on the type of contacts you have.

Clearly, to earn good money, you need to manage fan pages with a good number of users or have a good following among your contacts, in particular, we must strive to offer quality content for fans and to increase the likes.
The videos are another way, today perhaps the best, to make money with Facebook: to start earning earnings you have to subscribe to a service like CaosVideo: after registering you will have lots of videos to share: videos are categorized and you can choose the ones that you like the most and those that you think might like more to your contacts, that clicking on these videos will make you earn money.

Moreover, as soon as you have reached a profit of 50 cents you can enrich the videos with descriptions, which will make you earn even more money. To register immediately visit CaosVideo.

Earn good Amazon thanks to Facebook: Buzzell.

Among the various forms of income available on Facebook, there is also the possibility of earning coupons to spend later on Amazon.

To do this there are several sites, but what I recommend you call Buzzoole.
Buzzell connects companies and owners of Facebook pages: once registered you will have in your panel the possibility to choose among the available campaigns, publish them on your page and get credits that you can convert to Amazon vouchers.

If you want to subscribe immediately visit Buzzoole, if you want to read the detailed review do not miss the post earn Amazon coupons with Buzzoole

Earn money with Facebook by diverting users to your site or blog.

A very effective strategy is to create a blog or a site, within which to insert advertising or products to sell to earn and push it all through a Facebook page.

Through a Facebook page you will be able to attract traffic from interested users, just make sure to propose on the site or blog interesting articles and advertisements for your audience: this is a great way to make money with facebook.

To explore the different possibilities of earning a site or blog, take a tour in the appropriate section: earn money with a blog or website.

Thanks to Facebook, especially if you deal with news or viral curiosity, you can hijack a large number of people on your site or blog and monetize with AdSense, with affiliations, or selling products and services that you create directly.

Earn money with Facebook and Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliations are a great way to make money with Facebook, especially if your page is in some way tied to a niche or your audience is targeted to offer things to buy.

If you do not know what it is, affiliations on Facebook work like this: you subscribe to the affiliate program or a network, browse through the offers available, choose the best one for your audience and publish it.

For each purchase coming from that link, you will be given a commission that depending on the chosen network can be fixed or percentage.

Who makes a lot of money with Facebook also invests in advertising: through Facebook Ads, it is possible to reach even those who are not fans of your page but in the target with the product you propose.

Today, affiliate marketing is by far one of the most profitable practices on Facebook. Here are some things you absolutely need to know if you want to try your hand:

Affiliations and Affiliation Network
How Facebook Ads works.

Sell ​​post to companies and earn on Facebook
If you create an interesting page, with an active and real following, then it is not impossible to become famous in your reference niche.

When you have reached thousands of likes, you can also contact, or be contacted, by companies, to start a collaboration.

The most classic example is provided by videos or sponsored images, with the logo and the reference to the company that wants and promote yourself through your page.
If this is your profit model with the page, you will first have to work on visibility, creating content that attracts like and working on your reputation.

In this regard, it will be useful to know how to increase the likes of the Facebook page.

Even the profit on Instagram is similar, in many, in fact, manage to create an important following, and then sell post sponsored companies.

How much do you earn with a Facebook page?

This is one of the most widespread questions, which is rightly asked by those who approach this world. The gain is very variable, there is no doubt.

Depending on your follow-up, of the niche to which you address given the topic, you can earn from a few tens to thousands of euro every month.

A post on a page that has 20,000 fans can easily be sold for € 80-100. I myself recently sold some posts on the page of a project that I follow: the fans are about 60,000 and I asked € 200, promptly paid by the company (it is not the first …).

Who earns more today with Facebook, usually does so by promoting the offers in affiliation and making traffic users thanks to the advertising system.

I also know those who can earn up to € 1000 a day by sharing blog articles that become viral, with tens of thousands of people clicking and visiting the site.

But there are two things you need to pay close attention to:

Do not think that earning with FB is so simple: you need effort, you have to expose yourself to fail to understand what works and what does not and over time you have to refine your technique
Do not give up: many do not see immediate results and give up everything, but there is nothing more wrong. We need time and constant effort, for months, sometimes years. but if you work well, the results will come and you will make money.
Are there people who earn with Facebook pages?
The answer is yes. What we have seen is not a simple theory, but a practice that every day allows many people, even in Italy, to make money with Facebook, even without having pages of millions of likes.

There are people who thank these methods that allow you to earn with a fan page can also earn thousands of euros per month because they have managed to get over time I like and many clicks on the links published.

To do so they have clearly studied and outlined an effective strategy, which is able to have low costs and adequate profits.

To make money with facebook, start immediately by subscribing to the platforms mentioned above and following the advice, deepening what you are most interested in and what you think can bring you more results.

If you have any doubts or considerations regarding the content of this article do not hesitate to leave a comment, we will be happy to answer you. If you want to invest in training, there are very interesting courses to earn with facebook


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