How to Make Money with Facebook: 6 EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES TO FOLLOW.

How to Make Money with Facebook: 6 EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES TO FOLLOW.

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On the web, you can earn in many different ways, but when it comes to earning with Facebook, is it possible?

Of course yes, but we’ll talk about it soon.

Let’s start by talking about the web stars that are emerging in Italy in recent years.

In America, the trend of web stars is depopulated many years ago, but in Italy, it is not “relatively” much that you hear about it, and people are starting to understand the opportunity that really offers the web.

Imagine having a facebook page, a youtube channel or even a snap chat account with thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers.

These are not just numbers, but they are normal people who follow you because you offer valuable content or because they are interested in your content.

And these people make purchases, they trust you and if you say something they consider it.

You have incredible potential, a huge audience that you can monetize.

And really earn a good monthly salary if not even daily.

There are many cases of people who earn hundreds of euros/dollars a day just by having a facebook page.

People who earn from 1000 euros a month up to 10,000 but also 200,000 / 300,000 euros.

I’m not kidding, they really exist!

And this kind of people has understood the potential that offers a social network like Facebook.

Do you think the ones I have described above are stratospheric figures? Unreachable?

You are wrong!

Look at the pages with hundreds of thousands of likes, and you’ll find some videos with some products inside or even a link to a website.

This is because companies have understood the potential of Facebook stars and are starting to move in that direction.

If you start grinding hundreds of likes a day, companies will contact you and give you a fee for advertising on your Facebook profile.

But this is one of the many possibilities to monetize a Facebook page.

And I’ll tell you 6 in this article:

How to make money with facebook?
Earn money with facebook


In this article, you will actually find methods that you can use to earn through your facebook page.

I read a bit around and I saw that 70% of the articles on How to make money with Facebook, it only turns around the question.

And it does not actually say how to earn on Facebook.

In this article, I will explain the best methods you can use to turn your Facebook page from a hobby to a job.

If you have a Facebook page from hundreds of thousands of likes or even tens of thousands, and you do not know how to make money, this is the right article for you.

The most used methods to earn online with Facebook are:

Product Placement
Advertising of profiles
Sale of products
Create a merchandising without spending anything
Create Facebook pages and resell them
Products Sale Via Dropshipping
These are the 6 most used and most profitable methods to earn online.

Not sure where to start or would you like to get to know them better?

Okay, now I’ll explain them step by step.

Let’s start from the simplest and most used.


6 Methods To Earn Money Online.

Earn money with Product placement – What is it and how it works on facebook? Product placement on facebook
Product placement is when you insert a product within a content (be it video, audio or text).

And the company will obviously pay you for putting your product inside your content.

If you have huge visibility, the figures will, therefore, be very high, for a simple advertisement to the product.

At the beginning when you still have an audience of a few thousand people the company will want a real review of the product, so you should create content only for that product, or at least enter the review in a context similar to the product treated.

This is because if you have a few followers, you can not dictate the rules, but the company will do it and you will obviously be able to deal with it.

When we talk about thousands and thousands of followers, the rules change.

You will dictate the rules of the game to tell the company what the price is and how you will do the product placement.

And this will bring three positive factors:

A profit for you and for the company

You will get rid of new contents (even if advertising)
Increase the desire to create content
I want to give you an example of a group of guys who are very popular on social media and who have done a lot of product placement and even advertising.

Their advertisements are real videos that publish on their social networks.

But they are so well done, that even if you know it’s an advertisement you keep watching the video because it’s beautiful, it manages to capture you.

Whom am I talking about? Of The Jackall

They are very popular on youtube, facebook, and Instagram.

And they create really fantastic content.

They manage to transform an advertisement of a product into a funny video full of charisma.

They managed to create a real one

the new format that manages to perfectly integrate a product sponsored with a video.

Without this ruining the video itself … indeed.

This I want to clarify because many “stars” do not know how to create a product placement and many times seems forced.


I’ll give you an example:

Let’s pretend I have a facebook page called “Make-up friends”.

(If you’re wondering, you’re a man and … No, I’m not doing it.

On this page, I publish every day or weekly videos and post about makeup, advice, how to do it at parties, etc., etc.

Surely I will contact companies that sell products related to the tricks, so in a video, I can insert their product and try it.

Or simply put it in plain sight on the table in favor of kelp. (The product is in the foreground and can be seen well)

I could contact the clothing companies.

And even in this case, I can easily accept, because in the video I’m dressed with their clothes, the bag or any accessory want to make me sponsor.

But if you contact me the sony to sponsor the ps4, you explain what it centers?

And this is an example that really happened in America, in fact, there were many debates under the video that then was deleted by the girl who owns the Facebook page.

If your page is about a specific topic you can not upset everything just because they are paying you.

People will lose the trust they had answered in you, and if they see other content of this kind it is very likely that they will not follow you anymore.

They will think you are a “markettaro”.

So always try to accept and reject offers even if they are advantageous and attractive.

But if you can find a format like the jackall, then welcome! You have no limit. If you have a few viewers, many companies instead of paying you just prefer to give you the product.

While if you have a large user threshold, you should opt for another option that is to insert the product within your content but without reviewing it. As if I had bought it of your own free will.

Earn with Advertising profiles or Facebook pages
Shoutout on Facebook and advertising.


This is another alternative to make money with Facebook, but I state that most of the time we do not talk about earning money but about getting new likes on Facebook.

But I like new = New public = new business opportunities = more earning potential.

What does this method consist of?

Simple, contact or you will be contacted by other facebook stars and together create a content that you will split into two parts.

The first you can view on your profile while the second on the profile of the other facebook star.

The fans of the other facebook star intrigued by the content will go to your profile to watch the first part of the content.

And of course, if they will appreciate it, you will have received many new fans.

While another method is to create exclusive content that you will publish on the profile of another facebook star.

And he will do the same with you.

So the people on your profile will see the video of the other facebook star and vice versa.

So even in this case, you will receive easy big likes.

Does the shoutout method work?
This is another very used method.

What is shoutout?
In short, if you have a few fans and want to increase them, contact a very famous facebook page that will reward your profile for a fee.

Most of the shot outs are of this type:

“Hey take a look at this guy’s profile, he makes reviews on smartphones and computers … he’s really good!”

Plus a profile photo or a photo of him reviewing the products

Do they work? Ni = yes and no.

Because it is not a great way to acquire new lasting fans.

Some will surely be fake profiles, while others may not be really interested in your content but follow you only because you have been advised by a page that they follow.

And then there are the people who will discover you like that and who will follow you because they like your content.

But do not deceive yourself will really be a small percentage.

Do not trust me, if you want you can try.

Here you can find people who are willing to do a shoutout for a fee: Shoutout

This method works well but only for other types of business on Facebook, which I will explain in another article more in la.

If instead you have many followers and you want to implement this method to make money, I suggest you do it with caution.

Because even if you can earn good money, after a while the people who follow you will get tired of seeing only pages that advice.

And they will remove the likes.

Earn money by selling products on Facebook
Earn money on sweaters

This is one of the most profitable methods, especially if you deal with product reviews.

Did you know that there are hundreds of sites that offer a pr affiliation chart?

What is an affiliate program?

The company has a product that wants to sell, and to increase sales percentages, it creates an affiliate program where all the people who have a means to sponsor it can access it.

The moment you sell the company product, it will give you a percentage fee on the sale.

For example, if you’ve created a video where you review a bed, you can sign up for the Amazon affiliate program and earn from 3% up to 10% on every product sold.

(The percentages on Amazon vary depending on the category of the product you want to sponsor)

This means that if you are followed by many people who love your reviews and are looking for a bed, it is very likely that they will buy it right then through your link.

And for every person who buys, you earn!

This is one of the most profitable methods for profiles that usually recommend products or make reviews.

Because you will not have to wait for a company to send you a product to make money. But you can earn at any moment.

Just look for an affiliate program like Amazon, eBay, Fivver, etc.

Sign up, wait for your account to confirm.

And that’s it.

Every time you review a product, simply enter the affiliate link in the description to purchase it.

You have visible advantages compared to the other methods we talked about earlier:

Do not lose credibility
Create the content you want and especially review the products that you like
You auto finance the purchase of new products
And people will be happy because they will always have new reviews or new advice on different products
A piece of advice:

Search the web for all the possible and imaginable affiliation programs that have in the catalog the products you want to review.

So as to evaluate which site to use based on some factors that can be:

Which website offers the highest percentage on the sale of the product
The website is reliable
Will people buy on this website? Or not?
Do not choose an affiliate program based on the highest percentage only.


The first question you need to ask is: Would I buy on this site?

If the answer is: Yes

Then you found the chicken with golden eggs!

This method is fantastic but I also want to tell you that at the end of this guide I will recommend another better one …

But let’s move on.

You know you can sell T-shirts /mugs/sweatshirts/ etc. without paying even 1 cent!

Such as? Now I’ll explain it to you.

Create a merchandising | Earn money by selling T-shirts or sweatshirts | etc.
Thanks to a facebook page you can also create your own merchandising.

You can create your own brand and start producing t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

Making them produce by someone and then send them to you.

But is it really worth it?

Above all at the beginning, you do not know how you can go.

And you do not know if the products will sell them or they will remain in the warehouse forever.

So I recommend you … you can create jerseys through third parties and sell them, without any production and shipping costs … only earnings!

How can I do?
Simple exists Teezily, a really fantastic site that will allow you to produce and send t-shirts, sweatshirts, covers, mobile phone covers … .without moving a finger.

The only thing you will need to do is create compelling graphics to print on the products you want to sell.

If you are not an expert in graphics comes to the rescue another website, where you can find hundreds of professionals in every field (Web developer, graphic designer, rapper, vocalist, etc.).

The web in question is Fiverr.

Also in the graphics field that for a modest sum that can be 5/10/15 € you create one or more graphics for your merchandising.

You will tell him what to draw and how to do it and in a few days, you will have your job.

So you can apply the graphics that you have created to your products and start selling them to your followers on social networks.

You will earn money every time a product is sold, and you will not have to do anything but talk about your new products to your fans.

But how much do you earn? and what is the cost of printing a t-shirt?
If we take a t-shirt, for example, Weezy has fixed production costs.

For example, the cost of a fixed sweatshirt is € 10

If you decide to sell it to the public for € 19.

It means you earn € 9 on every sold shirt.

Obviously, you decide whether to increase or decrease the price.

In any case, Teezily will only pocket the pre-established sum at the beginning so, in the example done before, it is 10 €.


There are so many ways to use them, and you can find new strategies to create content and make money, it only takes a little ingenuity and imagination.

If you do not use a page and it’s followed I suggest you sell it …

Such as?

Sell ​​facebook page

This is a method that I have also used in the past.

A few years ago I was in full research of how to make money online.

And among the tan

you scam that only earned those who promoted them.

I also came across something that could yield well.

Among these, I found a guide that said how to sell a facebook page with thousands of likes.

And at that precise moment I thought: Why the hell have I never thought of it before?

It was a really trivial guide, but the strong point was that it told you that you could sell your facebook page.

And even if I had it under my nose, I had never thought about it.

So I started thinking about a niche that I could use to quickly get thousands of “likes”, and then sell the page.

I thought about it for a while, until I found one and I also studied a strategy to make it viral. (But this is another story, which I will tell more…..

After choosing the niche, open the facebook page.

I started making small sponsorships of my Facebook posts to start having a little public and then I started with the strategy of some videos and posts that I knew would have liked the target of people I was aiming for.

Over the course of 3/4 months, the page has grown a lot, reaching about 50,000 likes.

I could already sell it but I would not have earned so much so I decided to wait and let it grow.

So you can earn more from the sale of the facebook page.

When you reach a good number of users it’s always easier to grow without spending € 1.

Because the people who follow you will share your content that will be seen by other people and so on. Like a perfect chain.

Buyers of Facebook pages are not stupid.

They want pages where people are active.

So if on a page of 50,000 people, a post published yesterday receives only 5 I like this means that the page is practically dead.

And nobody would buy it, if not for a really shabby price.

But my page, fortunately, was full of active people who liked the contents I posted.

So I thought …

Can I earn in another way? And above all, can I make more money in the long run instead of selling it now?

So I thought until I decided to start applying the strategies I listed above and also something else.

For example, by posting some posts that refer to blogs.

And I earned for every click that people made on the link.

I had not created blogs (although I could do it and earn more, I knew the page would not last long), but they were from other people who paid me to sponsor them on my facebook page.

There were several blogs, but mostly I accepted only blogs that were related to the topic that dealt with my page, so as not to lose the people who followed me.

I knew very well that it would be over sooner or later because I took advantage of that page a lot.

But not in a negative sense.

Let us clarify: I have never cheated anyone, and I have never asked for money directly.

I absolutely do not share online scams, where people are deceived.

I only shared videos, posts, and articles that people liked and were happy to see them on their FB home.

From which I earned if people bought the products I sponsored and reviewed if they clicked on a link or bought a branded product.

They were happy and I was too.

If people liked my content, how come I knew it would not last long?

Because it was simply a passing fashion … and the passing ways die.

Not entirely, but most of the public lose it.

But let’s go to the last point and what I love most.

There is always talk of selling products, but the rules of the game change.

No affiliation, no stock, no product received and sent back …

We talk about dropshipping.

How to make money with Facebook Via Dropshipping
E-commerce Facebook.

sell facebook

Here I will not delve into the subject much because I have already written a guide about dropshipping, how to best structure it!

But I want to give you a general insight and reveal some personal advice.

If you do not know what dropshipping is, take a look here.

Create a business from 0 thanks to FB.

The dropshipping to start to gear like all new e-commerce must focus on advertising.

And what is the best site on which to advertise at reduced costs: Facebook

If you know how to create great ads that convert and have a high rate of CTR (Click-Through rate), 90% of the game is done!

You just have to find a good niche on which to jump and sell the products suitable for them.

I personally recommend two types of dropshipping:

Based on the current trends
Products little known in Italy but with many positive factors
Of this topic we could talk for hours, there are many case studies of many businesses that have made their success in a few months with dropshipping and facebook.

But let’s analyze the two points.

he first is :

Drop shipping with facebook – Selling fashion products.

I recommend this method because if exploited well, it immediately brings a profit, but for a short period of time.

An excellent method if you do not want to create a real lasting business, but if you only want to make money in a short time.

This is because when a fashion arrives everyone will want to buy the products in question and you will offer them on a silver plate on your FB page.

You will earn a lot and in a short time, but when fashion ends your business collapses.

So it is an excellent method but as I said in the short term.

And in the long run?

Facebook dropshipping – Create e-commerce and bring it to success
In this case, the rules change, because you can build real online e-commerce that will last years, if not more.

Here, of course, the choice of products that you can sell is endless, but I always recommend you point to something new.

Something that respects these 3 characteristics:

Little known in Italy
It has many positive characteristics
It can be purchased multiple times / or you can buy gadgets for it
These are 3 fundamental aspects in order not to make e-commerce fail after a few months of life.

These were the best ways to make money with a Facebook page, I hope I helped you with this guide.

In the very near future, a lot of new contents will come out, where I will go into detail in every detail and I will do some guides for each type of topic.

Because trust each of the things I wrote in this article can become a business that bills hundreds of euros up to millions of euros. (And I’m not kidding)

You just have to understand how to make the most of it and have a brilliant idea.

I have tried all the strategies I have written in this guide.

Obviously, some went very well, others not bad, while others were colossal failures.

But if I have to tell you the truth I’m happier than the failures I’ve committed, because after I got up and managed to create a new business that went great.

So one thing that I always hope is just to make mistakes!

I do not want to go further … I thank you for reading the guide up to here.

If you want you can leave me a comment and ask me anything or give me advice!


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