How to make money with Facebook , Facebook is an extraordinary way to earn.

How to make money with Facebook.

Facebook is an extraordinary way to promote products, initiatives, websites and – why not? – themselves. Success on the latter means getting your message to hundreds, if not thousands, of people at once (which is not a trivial matter). But how does the monetization of content work? Is it possible to make money with Facebook?

I do not know how many times I found this question in the emails and in the messages that I receive every day on social networks, then today I want to try to provide a clear and clear answer about it. Earning through Facebook is a possible, but complex, very complex operation. Let’s say that it is worth trying only if you have a page with many like assets and that you should not expect pharaonic revenue.

The main tools that allow you to earn money through Facebook are the affiliation services, through which you can get a minuscule percentage on the sale of objects or applications online, and the direct sale of objects on the pages of the social network (which guarantees more revenue but not it is properly within everyone’s reach). If you want to know more, read on.

We said that to make money with Facebook it is mandatory to have a page with a good number of active users (and therefore “like”). You can not earn money through personal profiles, so if you have not done it yet, create your page from here and make it grow as much as possible.

Unfortunately, even in this case, there is no magic recipe that you can rely on: to be successful on Facebook you need to be good and even (in some cases above all) have a bit of luck. However, try to put into practice the suggestions that I gave you in my guide on how to increase the likes on Facebook and certainly some small step forward you will do it.

Open a shop on Facebook
How to make money with Facebook
If you own a physical store or an online store, you can use Facebook as a new sales channel for your products. The tool that I recommend you use in this case is Blomming, which allows you to open a virtual shop and easily integrate it into any Facebook page to allow users to make purchases online without leaving the social network.

Blomming is free only for the first 15 days, after which you have to subscribe one of the paid plans offered by the platform: that Starter from 9.99 euros/month allows you to sell up to a maximum of 10 products, the Base from 19.99 euros / month eliminates the limit of products to sell on your store, while the Premium for € 24.99 / month also adds the ability to buy a custom domain (but this does not affect Facebook). Otherwise, there are also plans with annual payment starting from 99.99 euros which provide 2 months free trial instead of 15 days.

To open your online store on Blomming, you do not have to do is connect to the start page of the service, click on the Register with Facebook button and log in using the Facebook account linked to the page where you want to place the store. For more detailed instructions see my guide on how to sell on Facebook in which I explained step by step how to make the most of the potential of Blomming.


Affiliate programs
How to make money with Facebook
Another way we make money with Facebook is to take advantage of the affiliate programs made available to us by some technology giants, such as Amazon and Apple.

The Amazon affiliation program allows you to create sponsored links through which users can purchase products on Amazon (without any surcharge) and we can collect a percentage ranging from 5 to 12% depending on the category of membership of the sold item. Only in some cases, there is a ceiling of 10 euros per object, but it must be said that it is difficult to earn too much for the sale of a single article!

Amazon sponsored links can be created by anyone with an account on this very popular online store and do not charge. It should also be noted that all links generated to allow you to earn not only on the purchase of the linked product but on that of any item purchased by the user starting from that link (within 24 hours of its opening). To learn more, visit this Amazon page.

Even Apple allows you to earn a small percentage on purchases made on its digital stores: iTunes Store, iBooks Store and App Store. The iTunes affiliation program can be subscribed by all those who have an Apple ID and a site that respects the rules imposed by the Cupertino colossus.

To be precise, a site is accepted by Apple only if 100% active (so not yet in the fast and construction), not directly related to an app hosted on the App Store, and complete with a clear and in-depth privacy policy.

If you want to submit your application to join the affiliate program Apple, linked to this page, click on Apply and Subscribe now and fill out the form that is proposed to you. The sponsored links that you create will not have any extra charge for the end user and will allow you to earn even if the users buy different articles from those you have linked (as happens with the Amazon sponsored links).

I recommend: do not exaggerate in proposing sponsored links to your followers, otherwise, you will lose many “likes” and you will have done so much effort for nothing. Also, be clear with users, stresses that making purchases online through those links will allow you to earn small amounts of money. If you are “transparent” and you will propose interesting links, relevant to the contents of your page, you will see that nobody will blame you.


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