How to send voice messages on Instagram.

Instagram, voice messages arrive in Direct.

Closer to being an instant messaging platform, Instagram introduces voice messages into Direct. How do they work
11 December 2018 – Voice messages are also coming to Instagram: they will be integrated into the Direct chat, just as it has been for some time on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The three instant messaging applications of the Facebook group, therefore, are increasingly aligned in the features they offer users.

The voice messages will arrive already with the next version from the social-photographic owned by Mark Zuckerberg, both in its version for iPhone and in that for Android smartphones. At the moment, the vowels on Instagram have been introduced in the US version of Instagram, while in the coming weeks it should be distributed in the rest of the world, including Italy.

How to send voice messages on Instagram.

To use voice messages on Instagram Direct, users only need to press and hold the microphone icon (bottom right, next to the icon to share photos) for as long as it takes to record it, just as they do on other apps The maximum duration expected for messages is one minute and can be sent to either a single user or a group chat. Finally, the messages will not have an “expiration date” but will remain registered in the chat in which they were sent. This new feature will be useful if we have busy hands, we are moving or we have no way and time to write a text message. And, above all, it represents a more intimate alternative to writing, something that will certainly be appreciated by users who already on other platforms have shown to appreciate very much the vocal messages.

Assault on the voice.

Facebook has long been courting the vocal market: its first voice-messaging service dates back to 2013 while lately, the company of Mark Zuckerberg seems to have revitalized the project “Aloha”: a system of dictation for messages that could be the antechamber of a rear entrance of the Social Blu in the market of vocal assistants. The “M” project, a virtual vocal assistant integrated only in Messenger, has instead been officially abandoned since the beginning of 2018.

One thing that is certain, however, is the demographic question: today Instagram is the social with the younger audience of the whole group and just the young seem to be the greatest admirers of the vocal messages. Sooner or later, therefore, this feature had to also land on Instagram and so it was. In the meantime, Facebook seems to have abandoned the idea of ​​diversifying the functions available on its messaging services, standardizing the different products and simply leaving the user to choose which one they prefer to use, with the same characteristics.


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