How to work with Amazon.

How to work with Amazon.

You have just finished university studies and, since you graduated with a very good grade, you aspire to a job position appropriate to the academic path you have completed with such dedication and commitment. After having documented you on some forums, you became aware of the possibility of working with Amazon: one of the most solid companies on the planet, considered by many to be the undisputed giant of online commerce.

Since so far you have never been able to submit your application for such an important company, you would like to know how to work with Amazon. If this is actually the question you want to find an answer to, know that you have come to the right place at the right time! In the next few lines, in fact, I will show you how to check the positions available to work in Amazon and how to effectively send your application through the contact form on the e-commerce giant’s website.

So, you can know what are you doing here still? Courage: get to work immediately! Focus on reading the next paragraphs, implement the “tips” that I will give you to send your application to Amazon and you’ll see that, if you follow step by step my suggestions and if your profile will be judged positively by the recruiting team of the company Seattle, before long you could actually manage to crown your dream. I wish you good reading and above all, I wish you big good luck with your career!

Check the positions opened by Amazon
Send your application to work with Amazon

Check the positions opened by Amazon
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To work with Amazon you must first check which positions are open, in order to send your job application for the job that seems best suited to your professional preparation and your aspirations. The positions available may vary depending on the needs of Amazon and the workforce that the online business giant needs at a given time, so it is likely that in some periods of the year there are more open positions, while in others there are a little less.

To check which positions are currently open, linked to this page dedicated to Amazon job offers and then click on one of the three boxes located at the top of the same: University recruitment, to get information about university recruitment programs and search teamwork opportunities; Assumption Order processing center, to try to apply for one of the 19 work teams that deal with the distribution of orders, or Distance job opportunities, to look for job offers to be carried out remotely for Amazon or for affiliated companies.

If, however, you already have clear ideas about the type of work for which you are proposing and where you would like to operate, use the search field located at the top to search for available positions: enter the task you would like to do in the text field. job opportunities, indicate the geographical area where you would like to work in the text field. Place and press on the magnifying glass icon to start the search.

If you have chosen to search by category, however, in the page that opens after clicking on one of the three boxes that I talked about a moment, identify the type of work that seems best suited to your needs and your current preparation. As you can see, there are various teams in which it is possible to operate: Procurement – Amazon Distribution; Distribution centers; Quality control Distribution; Management of distribution centers; IT and technical support – Distribution; Engineering; Process improvement and so on.

Note: if you have previously clicked on the Remote Job Opportunities box, you will not see the above categories but directly open positions that are currently available.

Once you have identified the work team that suits you best, click on the xxx button Available job opportunities, in order to check the open positions for the type of job you have chosen. Now read carefully the introductory message placed at the top of the page that opens, to learn what are the main tasks required for the chosen work: in the paragraph Who are we looking for ?, for example, you can find information that can help you understand if your profile is in line with that sought by Amazon recruiter, while in the Roles typical section you can find the roles related to the type of work chosen.

If you have many positions open and you can not find any that satisfies you, filter the search results: use the options under the tabs Type of job, Job category, City, Commercial category, Category, etc. to choose between an

I work part time and full time, select the geographic area you would like to work in, the type of work you prefer and so on. In addition, through the drop-down menu at the top right, you can sort the results of the available job offers based on the most relevant ones or the most recent ones.

Send your application to work with Amazon.

Once you have identified the job position that interests you most, you must proceed with sending your application. I recommend, before proceeding in this direction, make sure you have the right skills for the job you are interested in.

Let’s say that you intend to apply for the role of advertising graphic designer: if you do not have the faintest idea of ​​what is graphic design or marketing, it would be better not to send the application for the position in question and opt for other roles ( unless the application explicitly requires a figure without experience.

Click, then, on the item More information in the box of the proposed work proposal, take a look at the specifics concerning the work that should be performed for the selected role and then send the application: in the Description section contains general information on the type of job to be carried out; in the Basic Qualifications section you will find information about the skills you need to be able to apply and in the Preferential Qualifications section some qualifications are listed which, if possessed, could increase the chances of being hired by Amazon. To send the nomination for the selected role, then, presses on the purple Candidates button now that is placed in the upper right corner.

On the page that opens, enter your email address in the appropriate text field, presses the Next button and fill out the form that displays on screen by entering your name (First Name), your last name (Last Name) and other data necessary to log in. If you want, you can build your profile using the data already entered in your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Microsoft accounts by pressing the corresponding buttons and following the instructions that appear on the screen. Once you have entered all the data requested in the form in question, presses the gray button Submit Profile.

In the Resume section, upload your curriculum vitae from your computer, Google Drive or one of the other cloud storage services available, taking into account that you can upload both a Word and a PDF document with a maximum size of 3MB. In the Create your profile section, however, fill in the required fields by entering information about yourself, such as the phone number (Phones) and your address (Address). To conclude, answer the various questions you are asked about the chosen position and type of education received and, when you are finished, presses the Create Profile button.

On the next page, you will be asked to respond to a questionnaire: I recommend that you provide all the required information because even if a question is not completed correctly, Amazon may discard your application. As soon as you have finished answering all the questions of the first part of the questionnaire, press the Save button and return later if you want to save the answers given and give it a later check-in or Submit to go to the next part.

When you have finished answering all three parts of the questionnaire, you should see the message Your application was submitted successfully. Thank you for applying., Confirming that you have successfully submitted your application. You will also receive an email confirming what happened and, always via email, you will be informed about any updates of the same. If you decide to send other applications to Amazon in the future, it will not be necessary to complete the questionnaire (as long as you access the same account).

Since Amazon receives numerous applications every day, it may not send you any communication if it does not take into consideration the one you sent. In any case, you can check the status of the submitted application by clicking on the Dashboard link (at the top right of your AmazonJobs account) and reading the information under What’s My Status ?.


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