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How to make money? 30 ideas for making more money.

How to make money? 30 ideas for making more money.

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How to make money and how to make more money? If you are looking for an idea to earn more here, you will find 30! How to make money? The question that constantly turns in the head of those who aim to make more money and increase their income. But how to do it?

If you need ideas on how to earn more money and get to the end of the month with confidence, here are 30 tips on how to round up, earn more money and get richer.

People who find themselves in financial difficulties usually decide to reduce their expenses without trying – instead – to find ways to increase the money they earn.

But opportunities and opportunities to earn more money abound for all people at all levels of work experience. Whatever your need to earn more money, from repaying debts to raising your bank account, from wanting to travel or opening your own business, our ideas for earning more money are dedicated to all those who feel the need to have more money in hand.

Check all the ideas to figure out how to earn more money and watch what comes closest to your abilities and possibilities, and above all, if you already have another job, evaluate well if it’s worth it and if you think you can do everything in the same day.

This is absolutely not an invitation to make more money with illegality. Develop your project well, be aware of current laws and do not work illegally.
30 ideas to earn more money
Some ideas on how to earn more money may seem trivial, but do not stop at the first impression.

1. Earn with online surveys.

An increasingly popular way to make money is to fill out online surveys in their free time. Companies that do market research are always looking for new members to respond to surveys and test new products.

In exchange for a few minutes to complete, you can earn money or prizes. You can earn up to 5 euros for some surveys!
Some sites to register to earn through surveys are:

Opinion World
High Opinion
My survey (English)
Mint Vine (English)
One Poll (English)
2. Become a trader

You will surely have come across an Internet advertisement that promised you easy money from the comfort of your home via online trading.
We affirm with confidence that most of those companies are a real scam and we recommend to stay away from them. However, online trading exists and can be highly profitable if you rely on secure and regulated brokers and invest in the market in a prepared way.

It involves investing in Forex (currency market), stocks, bonds, commodities and much more from the comfort of your own home and making money from the price movement.
For those with a passion for economics and analysis and for those ready to learn to trade by studying and taking advantage of’s guides and suggestions, trading can be a good choice to make money online, and sometimes it can also become a real full-time job.

With online trading, the trader (or you, the investor) who has studied the fundamentals of the market and has trained with the accounts in Demo, or open accounts with a broker in which you invest virtual money to learn how the trading without risking money, has the ability to invest safely and securely. However, given the volatility of the markets, the gain is not always certain but with a balanced investment portfolio, you can secure attractive income.

Also, if you do not have a lot of capital to start investing in online trading, you can leverage. In short, you can invest even 100 euros but open a position of 100,000 euros or more and earn as if those 100,000 euros were yours (but also lose).We repeat: online trading, if you rely on specialized and regulated brokers – such as those selected by is a sure way to earn money on the Internet, but beware: if your strategy turns out to be wrong or if the market moves against of your losses can exceed profits.

3. Earn money by writing an eBook for Kindle

And the Kindle app is now available on almost every device, so your global market is huge. Charge your book and earn 70% of the sale.
Putting together information on a common problem (for example, “the secrets to finding a job”) and then presenting the result in an easy-to-read format (an eBook) will lead someone to want to pay to read that content.

Another gem is the tip is to create an excellent cover designed so that it is distinguished,

and once your book is on the Kindle store it’s really important to get some reviews so that your book is shown higher in the results.

4. Change work.

The very first idea, if you do not earn as much money as you want, is to find another job with a higher salary, and then earn more money.
However, this idea is not for everyone. If you found a job very much desired p you had a lot of luck but in reality, you are not a strictly necessary professional figure remains where you are. Do not do anything, do not leave, you may not find another job. Take a look around and get an idea, but never leave your job if nobody has yet made another concrete proposal.
Different speech for those who have high professionalism and many skills, who will have more chances to find a new job with a higher salary to try to earn more money.

5. Earn money with your website
Do you want to earn passively without a constant effort? You need a website, a way to make money while you sleep.
Find your niche and talk about topics that may interest users and set up advertising space to earn with Adsense, or sell a product created by you if you have skills and/or knowledge.

make money

6. Earn with deliveries

Do you have a bicycle, a scooter or a stain? It’s time to make some deliveries for companies like Deliveroo, Moovenda, and JustEat.

7. Ask for an increase.

Getting a raise is a good move to make more money because it takes little time in the face of a potential extra income. By working the same hours you might be able to make more money. But it’s always hard to ask for an increase when your company already has you as an employee at a lower cost.
You will have to present a valid reason to show that you deserve an increase and then be able to earn more money without doing anything more than what you already do.

8. Become freelance.

Even becoming a freelancer is one of the ideas you can follow to earn more money: you will be paid more than a full-time job if you can maximize the time, a professional and competent job pays more and more.
To find new opportunities or new customers let your former colleagues know or all of your network of contacts that you are available to give your services and your freelance skills.

9. Open a blog.

If you are very experienced in a specific sector and you are competent in a specific area, you can create a website where you can post and host advertisements and affiliations.

10. Become a trainer.

If you have enough experience in your field to train others and teach them something, create a website or, if you already have one, add a section where you describe what you can offer to others as a trainer. Promote your services in industry forums or through internet advertising and offer new customers a discount or other incentives to improve web reputation.

11. Work in time.

Many companies need workers for a specific time, search among the numerous online ads.

Finding jobs on the internet: the best classifieds sites

12. Make money with your hobby
Knit, create earrings and bracelets of costume jewelry or paint the paintings? Sell ​​your work on specialized websites such as

13. Cooking.

If your creations in the kitchen regularly amaze friends and family, why not get paid for your services? Advertise your skills on the web and get ready to open a small company on your own.

14. Make commissions.

If you’re on hand and willing to run errands for others, offer your services.

15. Become a driver.

If you have a car, you can try to make more money by offering your services, for example on Uber.

16. To be a dogsitter.

If you have flexible hours and a passion for animals, ask your friends, your family or your neighbors if they need someone to take their dogs for a walk when they can not. Become a dog sitter!

17. The waiter or the barman.

Almost anyone can serve at the tables as a waiter and if you know how to make good drinks, being a barman could make you earn a lot more money. And both jobs can make you earn more money with tips.

18. Catering waiter.

Search for catering companies in your city and serve as a waiter. When they need it, or if one of the usual waiters is missing, they will know who to call.

19. Clean houses.

Take advantage of your skills and offer yourself as a cleaning man/woman.
Remember however to be in order to be protected in case of an accident.

20. Babysitter.

Ask your family, friends, acquaintances if they need one (or one) babysitter for their children or if they know someone who is potentially interested.
Working with children is not a simple thing, contrary to what you can pens. You will have to have proper behavior and remember to always be a good example.

21. Take photographs or play at weddings.

If you are a musician or a photographer, advertise your wedding services and always update your portfolio online.

22. Become a mystery shopper.

Italy is finally also focusing on quality control. A company will pay you to fingertip a customer and test your experience and then bring it back to the company leaders, so you know exactly the level of service and the elements to be improved.

23. Host or rent your own apartment.

If you have an extra room in the house or you can move somewhere else and rent the whole apartment, you can earn more money. Promote your offer on websites such as Airbnb and carefully check the laws of your city.

24. Participate in an experiment.

When researchers perform clinical trials, they need healthy subjects to use as a control group. For psychology experiments, on the other hand, look for the proposals of your city’s university.

25. Sell on ad sites.

Sell ​​what you no longer put online, but be careful that they are items or items of value and not just rubbish. Take good pictures, write a complete description and ask for a reasonable price.

26. Sell your photos online.

If you have done some very interesting shots, for example on Shutterstock or Fotolia.

27. Sell your own gold and silver.

Discover the weight of all the gold or silver jewelry you want to sell with a kitchen scale or directly in a jewelry store. Discover purity and use the website to calculate the potential value.
Then look around you to find the best deal.

28. Buy and sell domains.

A domain name is simply an address of a website (for example “”), with the relative and numerous extensions (.it, .com, .net, .uk etc.).
Some cost only € 1.99 a year but premium domains can recover even thousands of euros when they are sold. The trick is to find available domain names that have real commercial value, which can be attractive to investors and companies.

29. Making videos on YouTube.

According to the latest statistics, we prefer to watch videos on YouTube that do simple Google searches. And with the YouTube partner program, you can benefit from creating and uploading videos by receiving a percentage of advertising revenue per 1,000 views.
You can earn, and a lot: do you know how many Italian YouTubers earn?

30. Download these apps.

Some companies are willing to pay you to use or download their apps, find out everything you need to know about “How to make money with apps on smartphones? The 8 best applications “.

How to make money with a website/blog
Are you interested in earning passively without a constant commitment? You need a website, a profitable way to earn even when you sleep.
There is a whole world behind the possible gains of a blog or Internet site, so many opportunities to earn money online and maybe talk at the same time about something that we are passionate about. The answer is yes: you can earn money by having a blog and now we’ll explain how to do it.

Having a site of its own, opening it up, writing and following it requires patience, perseverance, and discipline. It could also mean writing every day for more than a year before you actually start earning money.
Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but most bloggers (those who write on blogs) take at least a year to build the blog, their brand, and their expertise before making money.

Some people think that you can make money with a blog even without much traffic. Well, if in some circumstances it may even be true, you usually need many people who visit your website to start earning money, and this may take some time.

How to bring traffic to your website
Some tips:

choose a topic (or a few more) on which you want to specialize;
be competent about the topic you are discussing;
be honest with your readers, read their comments and accept criticism;
acquire new traffic thanks to Adwords or Facebook Ads;
open the social profiles of your blog and publish your posts;
subscribe your website to Google news;
create your own network and ask other collaborations blogs.
These are just some of the ways that you can increase the traffic to your blog, it all depends on the topic you choose and how much work the competing blogs.
But once you reach this goal, it’s time to monetize, make money thanks to your blog.

How to make money with a website

Advertising – The most classic way to earn money online with a blog, so much so that it is becoming the least used one by now. It is about selling advertising space on your site and subscribe to the most famous advertising platform in the world: Google AdSense. However, you will not be able to make a lot of money from advertising on your blog unless the visits are in the order of thousands a day.
Affiliations – There are many affiliate networks that allow you to promote products and services of other people/companies, explain to your users the characteristics and strengths of the product and convince them to buy it. You will receive a percentage each time one of your users visits the page of the product you are sponsoring or each time you buy the product or both, depending on the characteristics of your affiliation. Naturally, you must always be credible and advertise products that are consistent with your specific sector.
Registration – Many blogs have created paid subscriptions on their blog, an area that gives access to exclusive content not reachable by users who do not pay the registration. The fundamental requirement is that it is a content difficult to find online, otherwise, nobody will want to give you money for something that can comfortably find free online.
Products – To make money online with a blog you can also think about creating your own product, like an ebook. In this way, you will use your blog as a tool to convince people to buy your products. If you can create a high-value product, users will want it and will be willing to pay for it. But, as with any road to monetize a blog, you need traffic, people who visit your site.
Services – You can also decide to offer paid services as a life coaching expert, how to run a blog, how to save money or how to set up an effective study strategy. Through this tool, I practically sell yourself through your blog. The hard part is convincing users that it is worthwhile to buy your service and stay true to the promises you make.
Sponsored Posts – Many blogs posts sponsored posts and get paid to do so. Sponsored posts are articles that talk about a brand, a product or service for which a person or company pays to have it published on your blog.
Earn money by selling online
Many are interested in selling items, clothes and more online but do not know how to do it and what is the safest way to make money online with this tool.
There are many ways to earn online selling, whether you want to sell things you already own or that you are more oriented in buying and selling as traditional stores do.

Before starting, these are our tips before selling products on the Internet to earn money online:

create a PayPay account. If you do not have a PayPal account it’s time to sign up if you want to make money online. It is the international standard when it comes to making or receiving online payments;
make some good photographs. Be sure to take great photos of the products you want to sell online to make money. If you have so many items to sell you can also think of creating a mini-set in your home, with a neutral background that can bring out the best things you want to see. For this purpose, not even to say, you will need a camera as it should. If you do not have it, try asking some of your friends to lend it a day;
be honest. If you have decided to sell, for example, vintage clothing (by force of things used), be honest in the description of every single detail and be sure to report any damaged points. In addition to reducing a lot of possible problems, other users will appreciate your extreme sincerity;
Offer a great service. How you treat your customers is extremely important. In this way, you will receive good reviews and acquire new customers will be much easier.
Once you feel ready to start making money online by selling on the Internet, here is a list of websites that might be right for you.

Amazon – Did you know that you can become an Amazon seller? The process is very simple: you register as a seller, buy from some products (preferably in very large quantities), send them to the Amazon stores and Amazon will store them. When your products are sold, Amazon thinks about shipping to the customer and, after holding a commission, sends you the money for the sale;
Etsy – If you like to create furniture or costume jewelry and have a creative spirit, you can sell your creations on Etsy. Through Etsy, you can open a kind of online store for free: just register, post photos of your creations and … sell! You can indicate your payment preferences, but usually, PayPal is the preferred route for sellers and buyers. In addition, Etsy helps you in the sales process and keep track of unsold products by taking it a 3.5% commission for every sale you make.
eBay – There is no article on the web about how to make money online without being mentioned the very famous eBay. You can either open a real online store through eBay or choose to sell products occasionally.
Facebook – Even on Facebook you can sell and earn online. Search for new and used sales and exchange groups in your city or area, request registration, follow the guidelines indicated by the group moderator and start posting photos with photos and description of what you want to sell!
Depop – A relatively new market place mixed with social networks for which fashion lovers go crazy. Nothing could be simpler: create your profile, publish ads for clothes and accessories that you no longer wear and sell. Always be courteous and correct, the ranking of reviews is a fundamental parameter to sell and earn, and the more your products are vintage and particular, the better!
Earn money by writing online
Writing is one of the safest and easiest ways to make money online. Although writing articles for the web through dedicated platforms can rarely turn into a full-time job, it’s a great way to round off at the end of the month, and no one’s mind these days.
If you like to write and follow the editorial guidelines indicated, you will have excellent chances to earn online easily and safely.
But if you do not like writing or you do not feel particularly inclined to continue reading our guide to earning online, this point is not for you.
This way to make money online requires commitment and time, especially because – to get interesting gains – in addition to the quality you will also have to focus on quantity.

Earn money from home

It’s the least creative way to make money, but often people do not think about it. With the advent of the Internet and an increasingly fast and effective network we are always connected, every second.

There are two ways to make money online from your own home:

work from home for a company as an employee;
work as a freelancer.
The first point refers to the new Smart Working, recently recognized by a bill approved by the Council of Ministers. Companies can hire or allow those who are already employed to work from home, with greater flexibility of schedules to allow the worker to better combine work with private life.
The advantages of companies are many, from saving electricity to a happier employee, but not all jobs are adapted to be performed at home.

If you intend to move to Smart Working or if you want to propose to a company using this formula, read our study: Smart working becomes law.

If you want to work as a professional and you intend to earn more than 5,000 euros a year, you should open the VAT number. Do not be scared, it’s simple and free, just follow our guide: How to open the VAT number.

Here ideas can be among the most varied. You can earn money online, for example, if you have skills from:

graphic designer
social media manager
collaborator of various types for websites
travel agent
As you have seen, there are many ways to start making money, and it is not excluded to try multiple routes at the same time. If you have found some interesting ideas, learn more and learn from those who have been there before you. If you’re going to work and earn full-time online you have to commit yourself, and a lot.

How to earn by browsing (simply) on the Internet

Are you interested in making money by doing something that you already do normally? This is one of the simplest ideas on how to make money without practically any effort.
The idea comes from the site that simply rewards you for your surfing on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Just install an add-on on the browser that you normally use to browse the web and when you do your research you might see some sponsored results along with the answer you’re looking for.

Each result of Qmee shows the expected cash reward. If you are interested, just click on that result and receive a reward.
You need to have a Paypal account.
In this regard, you will be interested in our guide “PayPal: how to register and open an online account”



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