How to make money with Amazon affiliation.

How to make money with Amazon affiliation.

Do you have a website or a blog and an audience of readers ready to follow you? Well, it’s time to monetize and earn a little money with an Amazon affiliation: we’ll explain how to do it in this short guide.
If you have a blog or website and you have a decent following, you can monetize your passion in a few minutes and with a few clicks. Such as? Just make an affiliation with Amazon. The most famous e-commerce site in the world allows you, in fact, to insert links to articles for sale on your blog or website. If someone, starting from your blog, clicks on it and buys that product, or other products, then Amazon will recognize a percentage of the cost of the product.

Simple, is not it? So let’s see how the Amazon affiliation works, the advantages it offers, what percentages are paid on the purchase and how to optimize it!


To affiliate with Amazon, you must first sign up for the e-commerce portal and create a special account. The thing takes a few minutes and just enter the usual information required to create an account, plus those related to how to credit the money earned. You can choose between two modes:

Amazon Gift Certificates; Credit on current account.

In both cases, you must have earned at least 25 euros each month, otherwise, the money will be added to those you earn the following month until you reach the minimum threshold of 25 euros. At this point, Amazon will match you for affiliation within sixty days. Of course, the registration is free and the affiliation does not provide any cost to the affiliate.


Once you’ve created your account, you can immediately start linking Amazon products to your blog and start making money. The e-commerce portal provides you with a series of communication tools to reach your products through your blog or website. In fact, you can choose between two opportunities:

Simply insert the classic link in an article, which you can then run on your social networks;
Opt for a wide range of advertising banners, of different sizes and shapes, ready to use.
Once you have inserted these links to the product, if your reader clicks on it and buys it, you will be paid a commission on the sale, which varies depending on the category of the article. Your reader, however, will not necessarily have to buy that good and will not have to do it right away.

The Amazon affiliation system works through a code identifying your links. In practice, Amazon recognizes that the user has arrived on the e-commerce portal through your blog or your site. At this point, if that user covers something within the next 24 hours, then you will be paid a sum in percentage, whatever the user purchases! If within the first day, the user saves a product in the cart but does not buy it immediately, you can still receive the commission. It will suffice that within ninety days the user will pay for what he put in the cart.

Well! I bet you’re now curious to know how much you earn with the affiliation to Amazon, that is to know how much commissions paid by Amazon to the affiliates, right? Continue reading our guide!


The percentage of the cost of the product that Amazon pays for purchases from affiliates varies from category to category.

On TV and smartphones, for example, the percentage is one percent. On large household appliances, electronic products and IT, the percentage already rises to 3 percent. All household goods, books, and furniture have a five percent share, while office, personal care, sport and leisure items get a 7 percent share.

Finally, those that pay much better are handmade products, and clothing and fashion. Here the percentage is 10 percent. For clothing, however, there are some special differences, whether related to how many items the franchisee sells through its links, or whether the purchase is direct or indirect.

Direct and indirect purchase for Amazon affiliates.

As mentioned, for clothing and fashion Amazon pays affiliates 10 percent of the cost of the product. This is worth up to 250 items sold per month. Once this threshold is exceeded, the percentage rises to a good 12 percent. All that is worth, however, only if purchases are direct!

What is the difference between direct and indirect purchase for Amazon affiliates?

Amazon means for direct purchase, a product purchased through an affiliate’s link when that link leads to an article in the same category. For example, if in my blog I added the link to an anorak and the reader clicks on it and eventually decides to¬†buy jeans, this is a direct purchase. If my link, instead, is to a smartphone and my reader eventually buys a shirt, this is considered an indirect purchase, because it started from a link to a product of another category. In this last case, I will be paid a commission on the purchase of the shirt, but only 2 percent.

It is good to specify, even if necessary to explain it to your readers, that whatever percentage you will be paid as an affiliate, this will not be paid by the buyer, nor will it increase the cost of the asset, but it will be fully paid by Amazon!


Once you become familiar with Amazon affiliation, you can focus on optimizing it and earning more. The advice, which you probably already know, are the typical ones to have a great blog or website! You often publish new and original things, so as to increase your following and above all to retain it.

Use the links accurately and choose the right ones. For example, if your blog deals with fashion, then it’s fine to publish links to clothing. If you deal with technology, however, having a link to a scarf is not very logical, nor likely will meet the tastes of your audience.

Do not exaggerate with the burst links, because you risk going for a “markettaro”, while you will never lose the confidence of your followers. You can also play uncovered cards. If, for example, you take care of smartphones and is about to exit the model of a cellphone that you have reviewed, easily add the link to preorder it on Amazon. Then, explain that if they buy it from your link, they will not change anything, but they will help you keep the blog or website alive. If your followers do not cost anything and they value you, why should not they make you earn something? After all, for them, it’s free!


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