Make Money Online with the most widespread Social Network.

Earn with Facebook: the Complete Guide to Make Money Online with the most widespread Social Network.

Do you have a lot of friends and are you wondering if there’s a chance to make money with Facebook?

Can you really use the most popular social network in the world to make cash or maybe turn our users into a real online job? Surely yes, given that there are many private individuals and companies that have found in Facebook a real gold mine.

How to do? It’s simple, even if we have to be in possession of some tips and knowledge without which it is practically impossible to move.

Do not worry, because in today’s guide we will really find everything we need to start making money on Facebook.

Then let’s start now!

What is Facebook
A trivial question for a lapalissiana answer, you will think while you are reading, even if things are not necessarily so.

Facebook is not just the social network that allows us to keep in touch with our friends and family, but also an incredible engine to organize network marketing, follow the information that interests us (and we need) and also, incredible perhaps to say, sell and make money.

Where to start? Keep reading.

How to build a business on Facebook in a few steps
Regardless of what your business model is (we’ll go into more detail later), there are some basic steps you’ll need to follow to get a sales tool (whether it’s goods, services or advertising) that exploits Facebook.

1. Have a well-groomed and engaging profile.

Regardless of whether it is your personal profile turned into a profile to make money on Facebook, or whether it is a separate page, you will still need to have the same attention to detail:

cover image
sections for contacts
All of the professional quality, well updated and ready to present themselves to the world as the Facebook page of a serious, reliable and professional/ company.

When someone, in fact, knows you, when you like someone and when you can establish a relationship of trust (even if based on appearance) it becomes extremely easier to do business.

2. Publish posts to run to talk to a broad audience.

In case you want to exploit Facebook to make money, you will need to post it, and do it frequently.

But do not be fooled by this rule: you will need to post useful material and above all that is relevant to what you do or sell.

Your name associated with content relevant to potential customers is the best of advertising.

3. Retire the email and use Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is something incredible. You can quickly contact potential customers (but do not bother) and you can respond to any time of day or night quickly and efficiently.

A direct contact, which resembles more a chat than a cold communication via e-mail, can be an excellent way for business, whether it be an online or offline business without any kind of difference.

4. Making conversation is important.

What the web (and above all a platform like Facebook) allows you to do with respect to the past is to have a bilateral communication.

We are no longer on the radio or on TV, where the message comes from above and is simply heard by the receiver. Now there is the possibility of having a conversation and therefore also being directed (and to direct us in turn) from potential customers.

Facebook is above all communication and a good communicator will only have enormous possibilities on the popular social network.

5. Having more interactions and more friends, then more money.

Despite the algorithms of Facebook, however, avoid the possibility of spam, having more friends means, however, to be able to make their message appear on multiple timelines.

Having many friends (especially among people interested in what we do and possibly becoming our customers), means having a huge customer base available.

The interactions are just as important: your posts that are shared by others can become potentially viral and thus get the message well beyond your circles of friends.

Having lots of friends (possibly selected) is a great way to help you have a base to make money on Facebook.

Not just pages: even groups are extremely important
Groups are also very important to create interest around your business and your business.

To be successful they must be as generic as possible (in the sense that groups associated with a brand are unlikely to succeed -The managers of the group have in hand a very powerful tool to get their messages add to:

A selected and passionate audience of the theme.
An audience that has typically chosen to be in the group and therefore welcomes the message, even if advertising.
An audience that interacting within the group can generate discussions, insights and even sales even if I do not have to do anything personally to stimulate them. Put simply, you will have people working for you … for free.
Thanks to the groups you can have excellent sales channels. Do not underestimate them.

Advertising on Facebook
For those who prefer shortcuts, it is also possible to use a very important tool that Facebook makes available to entrepreneurs, companies, and freelancers: advertising.

With even minimal investments it is indeed possible to set up advertising campaigns that allow:

Select the recipient by gender
Select the recipient by age
Choose between the interests of the recipients
Choose by geographical area
Also, choose from among members of a specific group
A very powerful tool that can certainly help you sell, especially once you understand what kind of people (with what interests, age group, etc) it affects your type of product.

Do networking, even with competitors
Facebook also allows networking in groups that are created for the use and consumption of specialists /entrepreneurs/professionals.

Being present on the groups, participating in the discussion, making yourself visible in an appropriate manner are all excellent business cards for those who want to get to the market.

Customers, increasingly, also take a look at the groups before choosing which expert to rely on. Better to be present, have a constructive conversation with the competition and be competent.

Facebook cannot be the only business model
Whatever your intentions, whatever the type of goods you are interested in selling, whatever the service you offer to your potential clientele, Facebook cannot be, if not in very rare cases, the only strategy you have available.

The Internet and the web allow you to use different channels and create a strategy that Facebook can be the spearhead of, but certainly not the only tool.

So do not trust anyone who talks about marketing on Facebook as if it were the Holy Grail to get rich. It is not, but it can become an excellent sales channel and more generally a money-making tool.

Ability to make money on Facebook: here are some ideas
Before following the steps that we have described above, it will surely be indicated to have a precise business idea. You do not necessarily have to draw around Facebook since the social network can be without a doubt a showcase (and therefore a generator of income) for any type of business, even if you have a pizzeria around the corner.

Let’s see together some types of business that we can grow and prosper on the popular social network.

Selling your services or products.

In case you were a company, you can use Facebook as an additional sales channel. A page with many fans is the perfect channel to advertise your e-commerce or to use the tools that Facebook already makes available for direct sales.

Whatever the service or the good (as long as they are legal) you can sell very easily with the help of Facebook, in any case, you should know the most effective sales strategies.

Selling other merchandise through the Amazon affiliation.

If you have a page with many fans, maybe even profiled (that collects people who are united by the same passion, the same interest, etc.) you can also easily sell products through Amazon.

You will have to create an affiliate account and then later go to choose the product to advertise. Anyone who buys through the link you have proposed will help you make money, as Amazon also recognizes quite substantial fees for those selling through affiliate links.

Sell ​​visibility to local businesses.

In the event that you have a news page or topics that relate to a specific geographical situation, having fans concentrated in a given area will allow you to sell visibility to the business of the place.

Restaurants, pubs, cinemas, theaters, everything can end up on a Facebook page that is well managed and full of contacts.

Increase visits to your website.

Regardless of the nature of your online business, Facebook can be the right channel to increase visits to your website.

In this way, you have the opportunity to share your content to an audience that has been selected for interest and that could contribute, with the shares, to circulate your content and therefore to increase exponentially the visits.

It is something very important for any website and that can be a source of visitors even greater than Google and other search engines.

Sell ​​through affiliation.

There are many products that can be sold through affiliation: creams, weight loss products, health products, shoes and clothing, and even foodstuffs.

Having a group and friends who are interested in a particular product can make sales in affiliate quick and full.

In this case, moreover, and especially in sectors such as cosmetics, commissions are much higher than those offered by specialized sites.

Selling “social” advertising.

If you have particularly followed Facebook pages you can also monetize by selling “post”, or writing in relation to other pages/products/ people for payment.

You can do it all through an agency or even try to advertise yourself. For the well-profiled pages that can put on the table certain profiles (age, interests, etc.) they turn some very interesting sums and that can make your “popularity on Facebook” a real job.

It is not as easy as it seems
In closing, we also remember that contrary to what they would like to make a lot of guides seem (especially those paid) it is not easy to make money on Facebook.

We need the same skills we need to be successful offline as well:

Want to work
Capacity and acumen to identify a profitable niche
The money will not start to arrive automatically in your bank account and you will also be very good at identifying different channels, even if always through Facebook, to monetize your work.

There are so many possibilities, even if it would be wrong to think that once you open a page or a group you will immediately have money to make money.

You can even invent a job on Facebook, even if you need to work hard, continue studying, continuously update your proposal and be present.


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