All you need to know about Amazon Prime.

All you need to know about Amazon Prime.

amazon prime

Discover all the services and benefits of an Amazon Prime account: in our guide, we explain how it works and how much it costs to subscribe.
How many times did you make an order on Amazon and wait anxiously for the courier to deliver the package to you? And how many times, however, your package has undergone significant delays in delivery or the latter was not carried out and you had to ask for an Amazon refund?

Well, if you are often afflicted by these problems, you should be made aware of the fastest and safest delivery service on the web, Amazon Prime. As can easily be deduced from the name, Amazon Prime is an exclusive service from Amazon, which offers several advantages!

In this article, we will see how to activate Amazon Prime, how much it costs and what benefits it offers.


By subscribing to Amazon Prime you will have, among many services, the main advantage of being able to take advantage of fast and safe deliveries. Subscribing to Amazon Prime will, therefore, give you the opportunity to take advantage of the so-called Prime deliveries for the millions of articles prepared and make an unlimited number of Prime deliveries, without shipping costs and delivery times that may be only one working day or two-three working days, depending on the item.

Amazon Prime, as mentioned earlier, is an exclusive service from Amazon that offers different services to its subscribers. If you have never used this service and decide to subscribe, you will have 30 days free trial, during which you can decide whether to renew the Amazon Prime subscription.

Other Amazon Prime services.

Having a subscription to Amazon Prime offers several advantages and not only regarding deliveries, let’s see together which:

Amazon Prime Video: By subscribing to Amazon Prime, you can take advantage of the streaming service of Amazon and other exclusive movies and TV series. Accessing the Prime Video service is very simple. You can do it from any device you are using via a browser or from smartphones and tablets via the Amazon Prime Video App. Find out more in our article on how Prime Video works;
Amazon Prime Music: In addition to streaming movies and TV series, Amazon Prime also offers services for music lovers, with Amazon Prime Music. This service provides Amazon Prime subscribers more than two million songs that can be listened to on any device, for a total of 40 hours of listening every month and without any publicity. You can learn more in our article on Amazon Prime Music;
Amazon Prime Reading: Among other Amazon Prime services, by registering, you will have a selection of eBooks and comics chosen continuously updated. Like Prime Video and Prime Music, Prime Reading can also be used, wherever and whenever you want, from any device on a browser or thanks to its free Kindle App;
Amazon Drive: Also called Amazon Photos, this service allows you to have access to 5GB of storage space on Amazon Drive to deposit photos, videos, and other files, securely. If you decide to subscribe to Amazon Prime, exploit this service is almost a must, given the ability to free your smartphone from 5GB of data;
Early access to Amazon and Prime Day flash bids: If you often look at Amazon’s flash bids, then you have the advantage of knowing 30 minutes in advance what will be discounted, it could be a good opportunity to grab what you want most! In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in Prime Day and purchase products discounted by Amazon throughout the day;
Amazon Family: As you have surely understood from the name, Amazon also thinks of families, especially your child. With the Amazon family, creating a child profile will receive a series of offers and suggestions on purchases for your child;
Twitch Prime: Service designed for fans of video games, if you make a subscription to Amazon Prime, you have the opportunity to receive exclusive rewards on the most famous and used videogame streaming platform in the world, as well as having a completely free monthly subscription for support your favorite streamer;



Have the advantages of the Amazon Prime subscription convinced you and are you going to proceed with the activation of an Amazon Prime account? Activating Amazon Prime is very simple!

To do so, connect to the Amazon Prime page and you will see on the right a huge yellow button labeled “Sign up and use it free for 30 days”, click on it and log in with your Amazon account.

Once inside, enter your credit card on which Amazon will charge the costs of possible renewal. We remind you that the first 30 days are free and that you can decide whether to deactivate the automatic renewal at the end immediately

and of the free trial, still continuing to receive the benefits of an Amazon Prime account for the entire trial period.

How much does the Amazon Prime subscription cost?

The cost of the Amazon Prime subscription is very low and certainly convenient. You can choose whether to pay monthly 4.99 euros or 36 euros annually, saving about 40% of what you would pay in a year with the monthly subscription!

Well! Now that we’ve explained what Amazon Prime is and how much it costs, do not you think it’s a more than convenient service? What are you waiting for? Run to subscribe to Amazon Prime!


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